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Discussion in 'SkyBlock' started by IntingCamille, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. IntingCamille

    IntingCamille Grasshopper Member

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    For Vote Crates/Voting
    • Instead of getting exp from server, get exp bottles instead
    • Upgradable Vote Keys
    • Give temporary fly for voting
    • Change Vote Party rewards
    For Island
    • Add island fly toggle on/off
    • Add island borders
    • Add spawner island value
    • Add spawner stacking
    For Kits
    • Allow players to claim previous ranks' kits
    For Chat
    • Add chat cooldown
    For Redstone
    • Go back to vanilla hoppers
    • Add Observer, Piston, Sticky Piston, and Redstone Torch limit
    For Entities
    • Don't entity clear Hopper/Chest Minecart
    • Add a limit for Hopper/Chest Minecart
    • Make dropped items despawn sooner
    • Make Item Drop combining range default
    • Add Sell Wand
    • Add Custom Prefix Item as a reward from vote crate
    • Make Shulker Box and End Rod accessible
    • Disable TP request from PvPMine
    • Remove the /is biome feature
    • Make /is top display the head of the owner of the island instead of random items
    • Remove Natural Slime spawns
    • Add End Dimension
    • Fix Fishing Rod exploit
    • Fix Bed/Fly exploit
    • Fix Invisible Armor Stand on /sit command
    • Fix AFK Timer
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  2. Smid59

    Smid59 Admin Admin

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    I would like to add

    Custome Enchants
    • Only keep the peacefull custome enchants.
    • Instead of a random chance to get the enchant you want from a book make it so you have to buy it with a ammount of tokens.
    Token Shop
    • Remove/downgrade p6 armor from the shop since there way easyer to get then p5 armor from crates.
    • Make the godpickaxe more expensive every player can get a efficiency 6 by day 2.
    • Make the spawn eggs cheaper no one is going to buy them from the shop.
    Is settings
    • Visitor block breaking: add a option that you can select blocks that visitors can break and what blocks they cant break.
    • Remove visitor portal use.
    Island genarators
    • Make is so the genarators upgrade stay on even when the owner isn't online.
    Donator Perks
    • Remove kit blocks so it adds some difficulty back to skyblock.
    • If you get a temp kit from a crate that you already have you should by enable to give/sell the kit.
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  3. kareem_2000

    kareem_2000 Admin Admin

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    Hope this actually gets implemented
  4. Hero CharBro

    Hero CharBro Faithful Poster Member

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    Whats upgradable them for?
    I like it, someone needs flying to build cacuts or stuff without rank. maybe like 5min or more per vote? (Total 7 votes for 35mins)

    Skyblock already have 400 limit hoppers.


    You: ^

    You also: ^

    anyway i like other suggestion. but i never seen bed exploit. so what is it?
  5. Frxq15

    Frxq15 Kappa Member

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    why cant someone do this for prison..
  6. IntingCamille

    IntingCamille Grasshopper Member

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    Upgradable Vote Keys like from Vote Key to Uncommon and Uncommon to Rare.
    I meant Hopper Minecart not Hoppers
    Why remove natural slime spawns? Because there are times that invisible slime spawns, some can be killed but some can't be killed or moved.
    Add Sell Wand because you can't use filters with the current hoppers, It will be hard for someone to sell a whole stash of mob drops if they need to manually sell it to the shop.
    The Bed Exploit is when you get permanent fly with this method. Their temporary fix to this exploit was to make it permanent day but that means you cant get night time anymore.
    If you have more questions just ask here. thank you
  7. _Asuna_Weeb_

    _Asuna_Weeb_ Grasshopper Member

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    I like your suggestions except for a few.


    If the toggle for fly is gonna be added means that people can fly forever but my question is. What will happen with the people that have bought island fly?

    Vote crates

    I really like your ideas but there is one thing that won't be added is a Prefix, why? Because Prefix can be bought from the GuildCraft store. If you could get a Prefix would mean almost everybody will mess around with it in chat or in the player list.

    For entities

    I can understand what you mean with the items you don't want to be removed because they are expensive. But what if you drop a spawner or something else in the spawn by accident and nobody picks it up and entities drop will start, and you will false accuse somebody for taking your spawner while nobody did. so this feature will not be added probably.

    These where my opinions for your suggestions hope this was useful!
  8. Hero CharBro

    Hero CharBro Faithful Poster Member

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    posted on old thread. nice

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