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    Presenting LoserWins ArenaPVP event @ Guildcraft Network.
    Date: To be confirmed, after brackets and competitors have been selected.
    Helpers: @PGMR (If any other ArenaPVP Staff would like to help, please DM me)

    Hello GuildCraft Players,

    I'm bringing GuildCraft players the opportunity to compete in an ArenaPVP event for a chance to raise money for charity. LoserWins is a community platform for players who want to support towards great causes while playing your favourite games. The date of this event has not being confirmed but will be on this thread. This event will hopefully give you the chance of testing your PVP skills and competing against other players. We want a fair tournament so spaces are limited.

    Content Creators
    have an unlocked seat/place at the event and will be prioritised over normal players. The requirements for this is that you create GuildCraft videos, have 100+ subs and an average amount of views per video. You will also be granted with exclusive brand perks (More info soon)

    If you're a normal player and would like to compete, please join the Discord below and ask to be added to the event.

    Competitors will also be awarded in vouchers and small amounts of crash prizes. The chosen charity for this event is undecided as of yet but will be selected as soon as.

    The amount of players that we accept currently is within the 20-30 band and will consist of one-to-one (Solo) duels. The event will commence for a few hours on the day so please ensure that you have time if you chose to compete. Please take a moment to vote on the poll to let me know what your thoughts are.

    Avoid making un-necessary comments to keep the thread clear of being mislead. If there is an issue or question, DM me first please.

    To stay up to date with the event, you can join our Discord.
    LoserWins is no way affiliated or an official endorsement of GuildCraft.

    With all the best,
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    Lol I have over 100 subs and stream great bids every now and then. Also have loads of gc content like hacker report 1 and hacker report 2 :D
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    Stay on mcmarket
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    takes the money and never logs on again
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    That's not how it works
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    The ArenaPVP event is scheduled to happen within two weeks. To participate, read the thread and join the Discord.

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