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Discussion in 'Prison' started by PowerOfMe, Apr 20, 2020.

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  1. PowerOfMe

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    Prison PvP is fun, getting gangs to fight with 5 people in every side (or how many people u got in your gang) can be really amazing and fun, but that fun can be ruin because of hackers/cheaters/rule barkers etc....
    When i am typing this post there is no Anti-Cheat, staff are dealing with them but staff have there own life and they cant be online every day, thats why we need an Anti-Cheat now why we need an Anti-Cheat Specific for prison because back when there was an Anti-Cheat there was this bug/problem that prison players called it "Kick For Fly" this problem was kicking players who got hit and went flying in the air (even 1 blocks high)
    was getting kick for the reason of flying, after that they removed the anti-cheat, so we need a developer to make an anti-cheat that will detect flying but not detect when player get hit and going in the air, im not a developer so i dont know if this thing is possible or not but if a developer can make such a thing that can help reducing staff work and showing players that if you are hacking you will get punished for that.
  2. Frxq15

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    We already have a new anticheat for prison upon reset, thanks for the suggestion regardless.

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