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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by aXed, Nov 1, 2018.

By aXed on Nov 1, 2018 at 7:37 PM
  1. aXed

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    Hey guys,

    Here is the newsletter of November. It's less news than I intentionally planned but due to the unforeseen departure of minion some things had to be scrapped for now.

    SkyBlock Reset
    Yes, we're doing it! SkyBlock will reset this month! A reset for SkyBlock has long been overdue. The main new feature will be IslandTop together with weekly rewards for the best islands. The reset thread will be posted when it's ready with all features and changes. Please post your suggestions as well and we might be able to add them.

    Prison Reset
    After Op-Prison the normal Prison server will now also reset. This will be after SkyBlock. It's not yet entirely clear how the reset will look since quite some people want the "old" prison back. Now, this is possible ofc but it would be with modern plugins obviously. Anyhow just like SkyBlock suggestions are welcome!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by aXed, Nov 1, 2018.

    1. minion325

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      Coupons for is top?

      I'm coming back btw
    2. Bonsuno

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    3. Troz_Skills

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      I also wasn't expecting minion to pull of a zwaan lol... That was sad.

      Anyway, great job aXed :)
    4. Xpart

      Xpart Addict Member

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      shaders make everything hip :D

    5. JonasTDD

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    6. XxLegendaryxX

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    7. BearMeat

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      Hyped for SB reset. Tho would only play on "free" time.

      @MrTatorX get your lappy back pls. haha
    8. xAdityaStrafes

      xAdityaStrafes Enthusiast Member

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      Yeeee prison reset! :D
      And minion was bae :(
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    9. ILostLab

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    10. hipercondria123

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      What about kit @aXed ?
    11. Jatinsingh

      Jatinsingh Staff Moderator HeadAdmin

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      After seeing this posts replies i have to sadly agree that 50% of the players is staff lol.
    12. Scarfface

      Scarfface Admin Admin

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    13. FoxtrotCentauri

      FoxtrotCentauri Member Member

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      Might start playing SkyBlock then.
    14. ShadowStrike

      ShadowStrike Admin Admin

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      Skyblock -
      Coins acquired by doing specific tasks that are labor intensive and can only be done manually like placing + breaking sugarcane/carrots. Then the coins can be used to purchase desirable items such as op pickaxes/spawner. Have members be able to transfer these coins into paper (or any other item) to be sold to rich people who want to use the coins to buy the desirable items.

      This way, new players without a rank can garner funds without having to make expensive mob farms or other means of gain. Also, the older, more experience players have something to spend their money on inside the game, instead of just accumulating funds and deterring economic competition.

      https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/withdrawx.56734/ <-- ?

      To quote on @PaddyWagon 's post, I actually think this is a very good suggestion that we have neither heard of from the community or came up with ourselves within the sb staff team. This would be a great addition

      Now to comment on @Sei5Gamer 's suggestions:

      1. Ore Generators
      I think ore generators are too op and they make some players islands have tons of levels and they kill the challenge (Top island challenge) between players! so they must be removed
      -Yes they were slightly overpowered, but remember, the price to get the max upgrade if you are titan rank is extremely expensive, even with the current economy, so removing them doesnt solve the problem, its basically running away from the problem rather than fixing it.

      2. /Challenges
      Challenges in skyblock is very boring because it always the same challenges for every skyblock reset and the same rewards so i think you guys should update it or remove it and add quests system like 4 daily random quests and 2 weekly quests and 1 monthly quest and for every challenge different reward like for daily quest (money and xp and crate keys) weekly (diamond blocks and enchant tools) for monthly (spawner and nether stars) you get the idea
      -Yes challenges are boring but they do actually change with (almost) every reset, and me and the other staff members can confirm this. The challenges and their balancing are ofcourse a very debatable topic and is always a big point on our list whenever there is a reset coming, but you have to understand that balancing the challenges is just difficult, or else there wouldn't've been any complaints in the first place

      3. Nether
      This nether suck i don't like the spawners that spawn in the island or how it look i think we should have a normal nether was plots system that can be rent and maybe just maybe add boss area in nether!
      like there will be a boss that player can buy form guildcraft shop lets say the egg cost 5euro
      but you get rare loots form the boss like fortune 4 pick and you only can spawn the boss egg in boss area
      and every player can join and top5 players who do the most damage get rewards and the player who spawn it get reward too!
      -Too ambitious.. 6 people who get a fortune 4 pick? I don't think so, wayy too broken. We already advocated for an open world nether either alongside the nether plot or solely the open nether world. the open nether world and general changes to the nether island plot, and those should be sufficient for now, also because it requires a lot of work or plugins (which also use RAM)

      End! monthly Dragon Event! every month admin respawn the dragon and players fight for his egg! and maybe some other reward like eyltra
      -We also advocated for an open end world (not for end plots tho, that would be broken) but yes just like with the nether, where you can make claims within the nether. A monthly respawn of the ender dragon seems a bit much, but thats to do with balancing and is up to the (higher) staff team.

      5. Supply Drops
      I hope you guys add supply drops in pvp like survival server
      -SB isn't a pvp server, it just doesnt work.

      6. Add Spawners Shop!
      Add Spawners in shop so every players can get them
      -But there is, its just that the shop has been bugged lately and we havent been able to fix it. Nonetheless there is a spawner shop, but it might even be removed due to balancing issues, or prices may be raised exponentially.

      7. Titan Egging Power
      I think players who have titan rank should have that power when you throw an egg on a cow it will turn to cow spawn egg like survival too!
      -This would be broken for skyblock, absolutely not.

      8. Kit keys
      -Again, this has to do with balancing, and the time and effort needed to balance something like this would require the entirety of the sb staff team to work on this for about a good week to month to balance this out, and even then there won't be any guarantees its actually balanced.

      Now for @minion325 's suggestion
      Coupons for is top?
      -Would be nice, but SB is not as active anymore as factions is, and there is generally just 1 island miles ahead of the rest, just because it contains the ranked players (since SB consists of a lot more % member players than say factions)

      "After seeing this posts replies i have to sadly agree that 50% of the players is staff lol."
      You don't need any staff if everyone is staff Kappa
    15. TheRagingCrafter

      TheRagingCrafter Ancient Poster Member

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      gcsb bland as usual
    16. Pyro Knight

      Pyro Knight Addict Member

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      Half the people who play guildcraft are staff members.
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    17. ItsHoney

      ItsHoney Admin Admin

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      Nice going there aXed, looking forward to the prison reset.
    18. lolsann1

      lolsann1 Admin Admin

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      Triple OOF
    19. Shiatsu

      Shiatsu Journeyman Member

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      hope the server gets more players :)
    20. BallkanDonator

      BallkanDonator Journeyman Member

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      Well you can change some commands like you can not send tp-request from pvpmine and pvp.

      Island Villagers

      Change limit of Villagers because some players trying to make village but with only 20 villagers they can not do anything.

      Fix Spawner Shop

      Fix spawners shop so players can buy them and add new ones(yours chose)


      Well Fly is most important for building you set on guildcraft shop to buy it but how ever I suggest to make temporary Fly to buy it in game money like 1 hour(20,000-20k)1 day(300,000-300k)weekly(1,000,000-1m)and motly(3,000,000-3m)

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