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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Graham Wootton, Apr 22, 2016.

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  1. Graham Wootton

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    IGN: (UnderScores:2)DaWolfGamez(UnderScores:2) (__DaWolfGamez__)

    Old IGN before name change?(if any): MixMachine2K/MrNotFamousGamer/HeyItsTheWolf/WolfPlayz

    Age: 14

    Country: United Kingdom

    Skype Name: Will Tell Staff If They Need It

    Twitter profile: I Dont Have Twitter

    Average daily play time: 8 - 15 Hours A Day

    Timezone: UK London

    Can you record: Yes I Can

    Do you use teamspeak: No I Do Not But If You Wish For Me To I Will

    Fluent Languages Spoken: English

    Other past/current minecraft servers: -snip-

    Any past minecraft administration: Current Owner On -snip-

    Any other game past administration:

    Why I want To Be Staff: I would really appreciate if you decide to consider my application to be staff. I would like to be staff because i feel a need and a responsibility to prevent all servers from spiraling into chaos because of online members thinking that its ok to hurt someones feelings. I want to be able to comfort and be there for people if they are hurt. I want people to feel like they can come to me with a situation or a problem without hesitation. I am exceedingly mature for my age and love to be able to burst open and give you so many ideas for this server. I believe that this server is something special and i promise to bring potential and ability. I am kind, considerate and very smart when it comes to making important decisions.
    I cant put into words how please and appreciative i would be if you chose me to be on your staff team.

    I hate the fact that minecraft members think that it is ok to spoil other peoples experiences on the server by hacking and cheating there way to the top. I have training in recognizing a hacker and if i sense something is up i will pick up on it and quickly eliminate these certain players off before they ruin the experiences for players. People on servers deserve to all have equal gameplay and i intent to make a promise and make sure it happens. This server has so much potential and ability and i think i could bring a lot to this. I want people to go away from the server and be exited to come back online. I dont want them to leave and be terrified because someone has said something or made a personal threat. The rules will be followed and if anyone breaks these rules they have to pay the consequences especially death threats and endangering the minecraft community.

    Please consider taking me into the staff team. I appreciate you taking the time to read my application

    Yours Sincerely

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