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    First of all ,This is my first post on the forum ...
    I started playing on GC 2 months ago and enjoyed it as well .
    Today I have a new mini game idea :
    The game will be like a mix of prison ,skyblock,and faction :
    it needs 32 (maybe less) players each divided on 4 each have spawns on a floating island . each island is considered as a faction.
    first, you start playing like prison (16*16 area with 20% diamond 30% gold 30% laspis 10% iron and 10% coal )
    - diamond gives you random kit piece ( pants/legging/chestplate/helmet)
    - gold gives you in-game money like 5$ for each gold (should be smelted)
    - lapis will give you 1 xp level and 3 lapis
    - iron and coal are mined as usual(when you mine an iron you will get iron ore ..)
    players have to get kits/enchant them and getting stuff for factions war .
    at each island should be a building called The hall .
    kits can be bought through in-game money that you get from gold (you have to buy a kit each time you play)
    The kit are as the following :
    - eagle : you are able to fly for 10 seconds (you have to wait another 10 seconds to be able to fly again)
    except you cant fly at a range 10*10 blocks away from the hall .
    -archer : he gets a bow ( he can enchant it ) and 32 arrows
    -fighter : he get +3 attack damage
    -defender : get 3 instant health splash potion and 1 speed potion
    The team goal is to damage the nexus of the other team found in the hall .
    The last team that remains without breaking his nexus wins.
    please rate the game or if you can suggest an edit.

    The game is not progressive .

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