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    January 1st to January 3rd, 2020
    /server SnowballFight or use the snowball in the server compass!


    Once you join or respawn you will have 16 snowballs.

    Your goal is to achieve the highest score possible! To do that, you'll have to simply throw snowballs at other players (and hit them)! Out of snowballs? No worries! There are several snowball refill stations throughout the map
    (You have to wait 15 seconds between each refill)!

    Each time you hit a player, your score goes up by 1.
    Each time you get hit by another player, your score goes down by 1.

    Once you get hit, you will have to wait 10 seconds before you automatically respawn. After you respawned and left the spawn, you will have 10 seconds of invulnerability (Meaning you can't hit others, or get hit by others).

    To know if a player is in safe mode, their name will be red » [21] Aevox
    Once a player is out of safe mode, their name will change to green » [21] Aevox

    The orange number infront of the name displays the score.

    If you just want to chill and spectate others, you can use /sf spec


    The 5 players with the highest score will get a reward!

    #1 - 25 Buycraft Coupon
    #2 - 20 Buycraft Coupon
    #3 - 15 Buycraft Coupon
    #4 - 10 Buycraft Coupon
    #5 - 5 Buycraft Coupon

    Upgrade Shop

    Once you hit a killstreak of 3 players, you will start getting coins for each additional kill!
    You can spend those coins inside the shop!

    In addition to that, you can double jump every 8 seconds.

    Thank you and good luck, have a great year!

    Thanks @Rabascm for the idea (as a similar event was hosted 2 years ago)
    also thanks @WitheredToast for coding the plugin :)

    thanks to @PikaCrafterFan for writing a similar article two years ago LuL
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Aevox, Dec 30, 2019.

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