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    Hey, Anubis here, just want to make some rules that are not written and written clear.

    The following, are the new, Official Prison rules.

    Regarding the general rules, you may visit https://www.guildcraft.org/threads/server-rules.25/

    Moving on, the Prison rules will be divided into categories.

    1.Special Chat Rules.

    -You may only use the /adv command to advertise your plot and the items you sell/buy there. Anything else will be considered as an abuse of the command and will result in a ban.
    Example: /adv Hey AndrewtherealGR how are you doing

    -Asking Staff Members for items/money/Ranks is a muteable offence.
    Example: AndrewtherealGR please money

    - The Abuse of /h or /report is a ban-able offence. You may only use it ONCE when you encounter a hacker. Pointless/Joke reports or the spam of the command will result in a ban.
    Example: /report AndrewtherealGR camping (There is obviously no camping on prison, and this report is made for banter)

    2. Mine rules.

    -Glitching outside the Mine area/Abusing a bug will result in a ban.

    3. PvP rules.

    -PvP logging or generally escaping your combat timer before it has expired either via logging out or via teleporting with a chat command will result in a ban.

    Example: I get hit, and click disconnect while my combat tag is still running. HA! I got away! (No, he didn't get away, he just earned himself a ban)

    4.Donor rules.

    -The use of /fly in the PvPmine or above it is not allowed and will result in a temporary removal of your /fly perms.

    -Regarding prefix , nick and title rules, you may visit

    -Again, the usage of pets, this time, to Abuse a bug and escape a restrained area will result in a ban. Pets are also not allowed in the PvPmine.

    5.Plot rules.

    -Inappropriate builds will result in a ban and a plot clearance.

    -Trapping will also result in a ban and a plot clearance.

    -Chest shop scamming will result in a plot clearance and the removal of a certain percentage of your balance. Same goes for Plot Griefing.

    6. Workshop rules.

    -Even the attempt of stealing items through walls in the workshop will result in a ban, as it is considered Bug Abuse.

    Don't break any of those rules,
    the punishment will fall upon you.

    -Anubis9433 and the prison team
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