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  1. DatHaxxorCatchhor

    DatHaxxorCatchhor Newbie Member

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    Many people,very much dislike my opinions.
    And i dislike their opinion,on my opinions.
    So they dislike my opinion on their opinion on my opinions.
    Then forms a endless loop,of disliking opinions,hate and all sorts of stuff like that.

    Which is why i don't ever give opinions anymore.
    I'm sorry,but if you want my opinion on something,you ain't getting it.

    And also,this is a very pointless post.
    Don't judge!

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    By the way,this is not the first time you'll see me posting.
    Also in about a week and a half,i'll probs be staff on the actual server.

    cuz i wanna be,i luv this server 2 much
  2. R3D_G3KKO

    R3D_G3KKO Ancient Poster Member

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    What tf did I just read
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  3. Karamel43

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    Yeah agreed, same here. If this is a useless post, just like you said yourself, why didn't you post it in the off-topic section ? No offense but nobody really asks people separately for their opinion. Just post your suggestions if you have any, and it's up to the people if they agree or not with them. If they dislike it, let them do that, you don't need to do that too, therefore no loop ! :D
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  4. Troz_Skills

    Troz_Skills Forum Veteran Member

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    //locked due to being a pointless thread

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