»Popular Minecraft youtuber outed himself as a Pedophile

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by lasalle2beta, Dec 23, 2015.

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  1. lasalle2beta

    lasalle2beta Newbie Member

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    So I was derping around in youtube and found Rich's video about a Minecraft youtuber who is a pedo. so I derped around in theMinecraft forums and no one seems to talk about it... I went to LionMaker 's Twitter to find if this was a hoax.
    Its not. The dirt bag is still saying sht like "My parents have a 20 years diference, so trying to acentuate age difference wont do anything" and "Its perfectly legal for a 16 year old to date who ever in Europe. Calling a Pedo is far from the truth" He said all these things a day after he POSTED NAKED PICTURES OF A 15 YEAR OLD TO TWITTER. And PLEASE lets not focus on semantics. Adults having "relations" with ANYONE below the age of consent has comitted Statutory Rape. What he did may not be the strict definition of Pedophilia , but it is STILL AGAINST THE LAW.

    From some guy in another server forum:
    "holy sht... I have no words as to how disgusting LionMaker is. And his fans , who are kids, are still watching his videos.
    To those of you who have PREMIUM Minecraft and Mojang accounts, PLEASE PETITION to have LionMaker BANNED from Mojang games. BECAUSE NO ONE SEEMS TO BE DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. NOT YOUTUBE. NOT TWITTER. NO ONE."
    I agree. Lets do it.

    HORRIBLE thumbnail, I know.

  2. VivaLaVida

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    he sounds like a randy let karma rape his ass
  3. GoldenBoy20

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    Do we need to talk about this? Cause children are also playing ingame and looking at the forums here.
  4. parle

    parle Tech support Member

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    um, Can this be locked?
  5. finaldestiny

    finaldestiny Honorary Poster Member

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    Useless post. There was no need to post this on Guildcraft.
    On the hindsight your intentions were good but it still needed to be locked.
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