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    Technical details
    • Removed the following ladders entirely: Diamond, Endless, Deadbush, Iron, OITC, and Factions No Debuff.
    • Added "Combo Mode". Feedback needed for the knockback (current knockback subject to change).
    • Spawn has been replaced with the old PotionPvP spawn.
    • Maps have been removed and replaced by 5 new maps.
    • Old kit editor has been replaced by a GUI-based kit viewer and kit editor.
    • Drank potions no longer leave the pesky bottles.
    • "Phase" check has been disabled for AAC. This fixes the void bug.
    • Added an auto-updating leaderboard to spawn.
    • Wood sword's Team BuildUHC has been replaced with Team No Debuff.
    • Match limit for players without purchased ranks has been removed.
    • Updated WorldEdit (AWE) to FAWE. Fixes issues with arena resets, improves performance, and will allow us to update FAWE anytime instead of remaining stuck with the obselete AWE.
    • Old GUIs have been redesigned. They now list the number of players in the queue.
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