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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Kazeev, Apr 12, 2017.

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  1. Kazeev

    Kazeev Faithful Poster Member

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    Hello all,
    So after a lot of asking and requesting of something fun to happen on GC and to bring back "old" kinda events which was on this server couple of years back, @Melon333 and myself are going to be hosting a PVP tournament soon. Yes by soon I actually mean within a couple days. It takes a bit of time to set up everything so please bare with us. I'm going to be taking the help of couple of admins to make this a success and if this goes well we're gonna have events like these more frequently. So I'll just run you guys through some basic Information, Rules and How to register.


    • - The tournament is going to consist of a team of 3 players
      • You'll have the option to select a single or a team entry, Single entry users will have a team created whilst team users will have a set team of their choosing.

      - The tournament is going to be knock out basis, so if your team "Loses" you're out.
      • This means that if your team dies to the other team you'll be eliminated.

      - All matches will be played on Nodebuff [Not faction one]
      • Overall if numbers are low we'll do a best of 2 with the additional game mode; aXe

      - There could be some prizes for the winning team ;)
      • Could include Ranks, Cosmetics or other perks between Faction and PracticePVP servers. final prize(s) will be decided at a later date.

      - If lag is an issue we'll be white-listing the server during the process of this event.
      • So please ensure all correct details are entered in the form

    List of basic rules;
    1. No cheating obviously lmao, many admins are going to be spectating and will ban you if you hack.

    2. Respect everyone at all times.

    3. Please show up on time whenever asked to, the tournament will be held during the weekend so that
    everyone can participate, so please don't be a pain in the ass and show up late, We will "NOT" delay the tournament if your team is late and you will be disqualified.

    4. Do not spam the /helpop if someone is cheating, just using it once or twice would be good enough.

    5. Do not try to abuse the system or glitch in any way.

    6. Follow the rules told by the admins.

    7. Respect whoever is in your team :)
    All current server rules apply check out the appropriate sections

    Sign ups are now closed as final teams have been organised.
    You can additionally signup if you're wanting to be a substitute.
    Single entry users have been combined into some reasonable timezones and left overs are subs.

    Team information + stats

    * Total of 32 teams, 128 players, 6 subs and 24 rejected teams/players.

    Teams can be viewed in the link below.

    Ordering/status of what team you'll be versing first link below once enabled, data will be inputed.
    Process of this event.
    This event is a 3v3 style tourney,
    To help manage and organise all the teams, a challenge bracket has been set up so you know who you're versing and the general status of all the teams aka who won selected round and is advancing to the next stage.

    Before you start:
    Contact your team and other team you're versing, work out a general time of when you'd like to fight. This can be either on friday or saturday. This can be done through discord or ingame if a name has been provided and or user/s are online.

    After agreeing on a time check to see if an admin is available to watch over your match if there is none and or all busy, You can fight without an admin watching as long as you have provided some proof to who won in selected duel that would mean having your team leader contact melon333 with a screen shot of who won.
    Failing to do so would mean that you will not advance to the next round and you'll have to duel more than once.

    If you're unsure how to do a 3v3 > Ingame run "/duel duel <teammates> <otherteam>"
    Example: "/duel duel Melon333,Pickle4,Orange Water,lava,cobble", Then proceed to select the gamemode "No debuff" and for the duel to start each member of the team must accept it.

    You only need one user to enter all the users names for both teams. Keep that in mind.

    Once in ye duel with your hot team. Have one user from the winning and or losing team send a screenshot to melon333 via discord or post a screenshot below with some details on the duel if possible.

    After completing round 1, scores will be updated on the challonge website so ya'll can start on round 2 and so on. Finals being held on Sunday depends how fast each duel is done could be next weekend if taking 20 years :)

    Timezone: Date: 21st - 23rd April
    Initially will start around CEST 17:00 Friday.

    Shouldn't be too much of an issue as this event runs over the weekend at anytime as long as there is some form of proof that you did in fact verse the team you were suppose to and have sufficient proof. Admins will try to be online much as possible during these days.

    If you're having trouble contacting your team, let someone know and we'll switch it up a little :)

    Best of luck and have a blast,
    - Kaze, Melon333

    If there is a problem with your team and or members please contact me on discord [Melon333 #1756]
    Challonge stats will be updated soon as the screenshots come in.

    Note: Failing to show up will you'll be eliminated (Only after the Sunday mark)
    Hacking to any extent you will be eliminated.
    Abusing, trash talking players/server you will be eliminated.
    We will be watching :D

    EDIT: The tourney is gonna finish this saturday and sunday, so the people who have advanced to the 2nd round cotact your opponents and finish the fights asap :D, Any questions msg Kazeract on discord <3
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  2. Minhaz

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    radical tourney bro. totally narly
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  3. vincentpham21

    vincentpham21 Quick Digit Member

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    Time to use Resilence client
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  4. DerpySasuke

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  5. iAngelHD

    iAngelHD Addict Member

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    I'm going to solo queue. Rip who ever ends up on my team. ;)
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  6. TeamTLV23

    TeamTLV23 Vodka Member

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    Dabeev, nice tournament xd
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  7. leafyleaf

    leafyleaf Admin Admin

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    Nice, call everyone to see me die within 5 seconds
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  8. MysticVolt

    MysticVolt Enthusiast Member

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    Goodluck to everyone! ;)
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  9. X_ArmaanX

    X_ArmaanX Forum Guru Member

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    Fingers crossed I get a good team coz I'm in solo que
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  10. meromesquad

    meromesquad Ancient Poster Member

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    GhostClient will be on.Ty
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    Anyone wanna ccome with me? Kapapaa
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  11. xph11

    xph11 Ex Network Manager Member

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    Oh god, the only thing I can say about that is MORE HACKERS OMG
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  12. Melon55

    Melon55 Faithful Poster Member

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  13. TheMinecraftProLord

    TheMinecraftProLord Admin Admin

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    that is my issue ;-;
  14. MasterTeo

    MasterTeo Nimble Knuckle Member

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    I'm in! But single I don't have friends :p
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  15. Jarod12

    Jarod12 Ancient Poster Member

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    can i team :3
  16. YashP

    YashP Forum Master Member

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    Take me ifen xD
  17. srb16

    srb16 Newbie Member

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    Why is it going to be "Nodebuff" ? In my opinion you should make it to be BuildUHC :p but however , atleast it is something.
  18. crykas

    crykas Nimble Knuckle Member

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    Wauw, great stuff guys
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  19. cptironspider

    cptironspider Mod Mod

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    Nice Good luck everyone!
  20. CyberHazard

    CyberHazard Mod Mod

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    Holy f.ck
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    Who wants make a team then?
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