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Discussion in 'Prison' started by FlashyKid, Jun 27, 2020.

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    It's been taken way too much consideraition on how to make prison less P2W, that the balance between those who have a rank and those who doesn't, is just completly messed up.

    Yes, we get it, you want to make prison less P2W for those who has spent money on ranks, but you also forget that there are a lot of people without ranks. (Me included).

    I've played prison the past two resets, and I enjoyed those resets more then I currently do. I've basically been checking out this prison, and this is my feedback.

    There needs to be a better balance between those who has ranks, and those who doesn't. There are over 2000 players who has joined the new prison in total, and prison only has about 10-15 players active daily.

    Some suggestions:

    - A better pickaxe for the new players

    - Somewhat guidance for new players on what to actually do, because I see new players join and leave all the time.

    - PVP is way to hard for new players considering mostly ranked players have kits which gives them full PROT IV. Therefore there could be a "private" pvp arena for the non-ranks.

    - Perhaps one day a week, all players gets a decent pickaxe (titan) for a few hours, or the entire day. I don't know if this is possible of course, but it would be very neat for new players!

    - There could also be one day where non-rank players have their own booster throughout the day, which does NOT give a booster for those who has a rank considering the global booster stack up with their rank booster.
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  2. Kaygu

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    the problem lies within how prison is played, it's old school and barely changes from 2014, they need to fix core issues then you will see a change, but the way prison is nowadays, it's just bad.
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  3. PowerOfMe

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    Hello, I can agree with what your saying, not only you but a lot of none rank players saying the same things.
    hopefully they could do something that will balance rank players vs none rank players

  4. ToasTNugat

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    Ngl, I don't fully agree with your opinion, I know that balance is an important thing in servers especially prison, but don't forget that the pvp is way easier now, you can kill ranked players aswell without paying too many energy on them, we have gaps cooldown and more stuff that giving you (non ranked players) higher chances to "beat" us (ranked players) in the pvp area, you don't need OP stuff to kill players now because the gaps cooldown, no need for alot of sets and gear. And also even a simple 2v1 can win a single ranked player.

    About mining and boosters, this is the point that I agree with you, I think that non ranked players should have a day with booster only for them, because as I mentioned, balance is an important thing.

    Hope I helped you/gave you the answer you want

    Kind Regards

    ~ ToasT
  5. Vurow

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    its completely different lol
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    nice signature
  7. Frxq15

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    I understand what your saying, but at the same time some stuff does not make sense. Prison now is literally in no way the same as it was in 2014, that being that literally 95% of this reset was made from complete scratch. With regard to it being unfair for new players. In this reset the Starter Kit including the pickaxe was buffed massively as i knew how much of an advantage people had. However you must understand that, people paid over 100 euros for their rank, and it would be unfair to literally remove their titan pickaxes which is the only real way to fully balance the economy & ranking system.

    On the other hand after checking, you are still rank A on prison, so i don't really know how you can state all this despite not playing the new reset at all. With regard to adding a multiplier for the default rank, i like this idea and will discuss it with anubis & xph to see if we can do something with it.

    Thank you for your input.

  8. FlashyKid

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    Well, yes, everyone has a gapp cooldown. But it's still next to impossible PVPing someone with a full PROT IV armor considering a new player doesn't have this kind of stuff. You say that "we have gaps cooldown and more stuff so it's a higher chance to beat the ranked players", but the gap cooldown counts for every player, including the newbies. Also, the newbies d0esn't have as many gapps as the ranked players do.

    If the newbies have their own pvp arena, it would be a lot more balanced. "We" could actually have fun PVPing, without getting destroyed by geared up players.
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    Thanks for the reply. I didn't write the comment about the 2014 stuff, btw.
    But what do you think of the idea that newbies could perhaps have a good pickaxe one or two days a week, or a personal boosters just for newbies, which does not reflect upon the ranked players? And I also never said that we should remove the picks for the ranked players. Just perhaps the new players also could experience having a good pick for a few days.
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  10. anubis9433

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    thanks for the input bud, appreciate it
    will be sure to take as reference
  11. FlashyKid

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    Thanks a lot! I'm very glad to see a lot of people from the prison staff is responding to the ideas!

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