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    == Donator Perks ==

    1- Remove Donator's Warps and Re-Add Legacy-Multipliers

    One of the main reasons people bought Hitman and above is because of the Multipliers which gave them an advantage, So a compensation as a Legacy-Mine is just too much and it makes the gamemode too easy for higher donator ranks.

    Balanced Multipliers Example?:

    Thief: x1.15
    Thug: x1.25
    Gangster: x1.35
    Smugger: x1.5
    Hitman: x1.75
    Druglord: x2.0
    MobBoss: x2.25
    Terrorist: x2.5
    2- Adjustments to Legacy Shop and Legacy Coins

    Current Legacy shop and coins system hasn’t changed since i first ever played Prison, a Removal of some items, Adding new items, changes the prices of stuff will be good.

    So first the Legacy-Shop stuff:

    • Titan Armour (Protection V - Unbreaking IV - Permanent Speed II while wearing them), Each piece for 250 LC.

    • Titan Pickaxes, Same Enchantments but change of the price would be good, like T1=500 LC, T2= 750 LC, T3=1200 LC, T4=1500 LC, T5= 2000 LC

    • Titan Sword & Axe (Sharpness VII - Fire Aspect II - Unbreaking V - Permanent Strength I while holding) Each piece for 300 LC.

    • Haste II Potions (6 Minutes), for 40 LC each.

    • God Tools and Silk touch Tools bundle, (Can be like: Efficiency V - Unbreaking III - Fortune 3 Tools can be bought at once for 50 LC, same goes for Silk Touch tools).

    • Supreme Armour Bundle for 250 LC:

    • Helmet: Protection IV - Aqua Affinity I - Respiration III - Unbreaking III.

    • Chestplate: Protection IV - Unbreaking III

    • Leggings: Protection IV - Unbreaking III

    • Boots: Protection IV - Feather Falling IV - Depth Strider III, Unbreaking III.
    3- Legacy coins Adjustment for Donators:

    • Thief: 50 LC.

    • Thug: 100 LC.

    • Gangster: 200 LC.

    • Smuggler: 350 LC.

    • Hitman: 600 LC.

    • Druglord:1000 LC

    • MobBoss: 1750 LC

    • Terrorist: 2500 LC
    4- Legacy Rank Kits:

    Kits also needs a revamp. (Too much work needed for this, so i made a survival world where i put all kit items and stuff that i think that will make it more balanced and worth for the rank they buy, Admins: contacts me if need it).
    == Vote Shop, Rewards, and an Event ==

    5- Voting also needs a rework on it, the shop is good, but adding some extra stuff such as: Gapples, Haste Potions, Supreme Armour (Perfect Armour) with enchants:

    Helmet: Protection IV - Aqua Affinity I - Respiration III - Unbreaking III.

    Chestplate: Protection IV - Unbreaking III

    Leggings: Protection IV - Unbreaking III

    Boots: Protection IV - Feather Falling IV - Depth Strider III, Unbreaking III.

    Rewards upon voting:

    • a Vote-Key.

    • Temporary Haste II Effect for 5 mins upon each vote.

    • a 1% chance to get x1.25 Sell booster for 10 minutes.

    6- Reaching a 100 votes will unlock one of these (You can choose anything you, i gave suggestions only):

    • Special /warp event that will unlock a huge mine with Haste II in it, the mine will be similar as one of the mines between (M-P), so it will encourage new players to vote, since old players don’t really care about voting.

    • x1.25 Booster for 20 mins for everyone.

    • Haste II Effect for everyone for 30 Minutes.

    • 1x Supreme Vote Key (Has T4 and T5 and better chances for good stuff).

    == Normal and Prestige Mines ==

    I already suggested the mines minerals to minion325 and Andrew. It took me good 2 weeks to balance the mines, add new stuff and make them look interesting and balanced so obviously:

    7- Add my Mines into consideration please ;p
    8- Remove the 30 Prestiges and make it to 10, with each one having it’s own mine, and perks, If It gets added, change the prefix of mines from P10 to X to make it look more nicer.

    And change the prefix colors to make it look more cool, an Example:

    as Gray Prestige (&8)

    [II] as Iron Prestige (&f)

    [III] as Gold Prestige (&e)

    [IV] as Diamond Prestige (&a)

    [V] as Emerald Prestige (&2)

    [VI] as Sapphire Prestige (&3)

    [VII] as Ruby Prestige (&4)

    [VIII] as Crystal Prestige (&d)

    [IX] as Opal Prestige (&1)

    [X] as Amethyst Prestige (&5)

    (It would be a nice idea if you change the Prefix to the actual names, would be cool).

    9- Re-Add Haste II Beacons in Prestige mines.

    Prestige mines should be better in everything. so adding the beacons back will make them stand out.
    == Ranking, Prestiging Crates and Messages ==

    10- Adding a rankup key & crates will make the gamemode more interesting. the rewards can be:

    • God Tools and Armour.

    • Titan Pickaxes (Up to Tier 3).

    • Gapples

    • Money

    • Temporary Sell Boosters.

    • Temporary Haste II Boosters.

    Prestige Key:

    • God Tools and armour (Better chances)

    • Titan Pickaxes (Up to Tier 5). (Better chances)

    • Gapples (Better chances and more Quantity)

    • Temporary Sell Boosters. (Better chances and more lasting)

    • Temporary Haste II Boosters. (Better chances and more lasting)
    11- Add a message whenever someone does prestige.


    [+] Player olofmeister has Prestiged to Stone Prestige .

    [+] Player olofmeister has Prestiged from Gold Prestige [III] to Diamond Prestige [IV] .


    == Other Stuff ==

    12- Add /warp duel (OR) /duel [name]

    If the other person accepts the duel, a GUI will pop up and will allow you to deposit items and money, and the guy who sent the duel will be able to choose the kit between Gapple or NoDebuff, After accepting. it will tell teleport you both to an Arena and you can fight to win all the money and items that put in the duel.

    13- Allow mining Spawners with Silk Touch in Free world and placing them.
    To make Zombie farms for villagers ;3 ;3 (old school way to get apples).

    14- Custom Terrain for Free world.

    15- Gang Revamping:

    • Gang Levels: Gang level depends on how much blocks the gang members have mined. so if each 100,000 blocks mined in total from all gang members will add 1 gang level.

    • What does gang level give you? Maybe reaching every 10 levels will give all gang members as long as they don’t leave the gang a 5% (+0.05) extra money from selling minerals in the sell signs. (You can be as creative as you want).

    • Gang members limit: 10. Why? Having a lot of people will give a lot of levels easily and easy rewards. not good.

    • Gang Wars: Every weekend have an event where gang leaders can sign in for a gang war in order to win High Tier Titan Pickaxes and Money rewards. as all of the gang members fight each other in a NoDebuff kit map and the gang who kills the other gangs first will win the gang wars and all gang members receive Titan Pickaxes, Money, and a Custom title: Gangsters (You can be creative too).

    • Top Gang Leader with most levels end of the reset will get a coupon. (This will encourage his gang members to play more by breaking tons of blocks to improve the gang levels AKA make the players spend a ton of time on the server without being AFK).

    16 - Give cosmetic ranks and perks based on How much blocks you mined.

    a Cosmetic rank and perks given to players who play a lot will make everyone play even if they don’t have a rank. because in the end it depends on how much blocks you mine. The server will be less P2W and will respect the player who no life it.

    Cosmetic ranks can be unlocked for reaching for example 100,000 Blocks mined and give special perks as: particles, Haste II boosters, Temporary Sell boosters...etc

    a Special mines can be good too.

    17- Challenges, Achievements, and Parkours.

    Add challenges or daily challenges that if you complete you get some money or a booster or special reward.

    Achievements for doing stuff like: breaking 5000 blocks in 1 day, and each achievement you do u get achievement points, and reaching like 100 for example you can get a reward.

    And a Parkour every mine / every 3 mines / every prestige would be good to get rid of the boredom.

    (I know i suggested most of them so i edited some of them to make it more good, so let me know where i mistaken please :) ) and thansks

    @minion325 @BakkesJongeh @JustABoredPerson @Weap0nsOP @2920131 @sivam @TheMauriKids @Raajheer1 @RinUmehara @AndrewtherealGR @anubis9433 @Vurow @4hmed @elementions @RegentNight_fal @Kaspian@Swag_Fox @Frxq15 @Kuzuri @Vojkea
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    I personally love everything about the prestige mine section. Great suggestions though I hope some of these get added!
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    Thanks for the feedback.
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    I hope u dont trash this too..
    Atleast give the person or tell him any thing... he didn't write all of this for nothing.
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