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Discussion in 'Prison' started by Olof, Sep 6, 2018.

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    Prison Suggestions

    Collecting so many openions and feedbacks of previous versions of Prison from old and new players. I come up with these suggestions that i believe will make the gameplay more fun, balanced, entertaining, and uniquer than other prison servers. I added a reason for some points that need to be explained as some of you will not understand why i suggested it.

    - Add tips for New players every (x) minutes.
    Like the new Survival, Adding tips such as "Use /trade to trade items and money safely" will help new players to know the server more and easier for them.

    - Make Mine "A" have Haste 1 and make it close to Spawn.
    This will help new players to know which mine to go since they mix it with the PvPMine, this will avoid them to Rage quit because they lose their items.

    - Add Rankup Reward.
    This will encourage new people to like the server even more, a Reward can be a new type of Crate called "Rankup Crate", Ranking up will give you 1x of this key (or 2x for ranking from higher ranks like Y to Z), and opening the keys will give you XP, money, Vote coins, God Gear, Titan Pickaxes, Haste II boosters, Sell Multipliers..etc

    - Vote Party System.
    Voting will be more interesting and valuable if we add special thing to it.
    example: Reaching 100 votes will activate a x2.0 booster for 30 minutes.
    OR Reaching 100 votes will give everyone a Haste II for 1 hours.

    - Add fix signs for reasonable prices.
    A lot of people and me personally don't have a rank at Prison, and it's super hard to get fix for your Gear / Pickaxe, so there should be a fix sign at every mine with reasonable price.

    - Add Achievement System.
    Add Achievement just like in Annihilation but not exactly the same, completing one will reward you with a lot of rewards.
    - Mine (x) Blocks in Mine (x) for ($xxxxx) Reward !
    - Kill (x) players in PvPMine.
    - Mine 10,000 blocks with your pickaxe without fixing or breaking it, reward: $50,000
    - Sell minerals and get $200,000 from it and you get temporary x1.5 sell booster.
    - Enchant level 30 for (x) times.

    - Rename items in Vote Shop and Legacy Shop
    The names are old and it needs a bit of adjustment to it.

    - Give more Legacy-Coins for Lower rank donators like Thief, Thug..etc
    Currently, the only rank that can give you a T5 is Terrorist, So maybe make like MobBoss can get a T4 and Druglord can get a T2...etc

    - Re-Add Free Rank after Z
    This will give the old feeling of the Prison, you can make farms, breed villagers, and a lot of thing there.. it would be really nice.

    - Re-Change the names of the Prestige from P1 P2 P3 to I II III
    Makes is more nicer xd.

    - Re-Add Multipliers for ranks.
    Technically, there is no difference between a Member in P10 mine and Terrorist in the same mine, except for the pickaxe ofcourse, The Multipliers were huge part of the Ranks and it's gone, adding it back will make it a lot better and makes the ranks worth it.

    - Add Haste II boosters in the shop or in Cosmetic Ranks.
    Haste is an essential part of the Mines, adding a haste in shop or like do /buyhaste for like 1m will give you Haste II for 60 minutes, and it will be gone if you die.

    - Remove Donators Warp.
    This reset was the worst because all Terrorist Rank have already the best mine, Everyone that i asked said that it sucks and they love the slow grinding, It's sucks, add back the old donators warp where you can buy stuff not make money...

    - Add Haste II and Speed II to Prestige mines.
    Prestige mines should be different in what blocks it has and what effects it gives, bringing back those effects would make them worth it.

    - Remove the 30 Prestige thing and Add only 10 prestiges.

    - Change the materials in mines (Already sent the patterns to minon325 and AndrewtherealGR).

    - Kill Feed back
    Add Global message like:
    Olofmeister killed aXed with Diamond Sword.
    NOTE: you can rename the sword it will be replaced with what you choosen.

    - Ranking up Feed back:
    Player olofmeister has ranked up from Y to Z !
    Player olofmeister has prestiged to IV

    - Make Prison pure 1.8
    The PvP sucks in the current prison and it's not 1.8, so changing it to 1.8 will fix some of the issuesl like:
    If you use 1.8, You cannot shift double click to move like all gold blocks from your inventory to a chest, this is super annoying.

    - Add Special Armor.
    Special armor as: Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 diamond chestplate, if you wear it, then it gives Health Boost 2..etc

    - Add back /warp woodmine

    - Add back /plot home aka /cell home
    It's better that way boi aXed.

    And thank you !
    @minion325 @AndrewtherealGR @anubis9433
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  2. Vampire_Trojan

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    I love your ideas. As a terrorist i love the idea of a permenent sell booster instead of a terrorist mine. I hope your ideas will be implanted in the reset.
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  3. AndrewtherealGR

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    Gotta be honest, most of these are being implemented in this upcoming reset and I am glad to see that our opinions match with yours', the community.
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  4. KittyAyen

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    I like the suggestions, 10/10. Regarding the fix sign at spawn, something happened (it was accidentally broken) and only aXed can fix it, it will be back this reset so don't worry about that, you won't need to buy a rank in order to fix.
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  5. Olof

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    Thank you guys, girls xd .. really appreciate it.
  6. Frxq15

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    you barely even play prison, aXed is never gonna bring back multipliers because hes slowly removing everything from titan lmao, adding more legacycoins is pointless as then titan becomes even more worthless, only 10 prestiges is pointless, if you ever played prison you should know that it isn't that hard to reach prestige 10, Sivam had 2billion on the old old prison, as for haste 2 on all prestige mines, as much as we all would love it, it would just make it so pointless, as its very op lol, Mine A will never have haste 1, kill messages are also **** af, theres bounties for a reason.
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  7. Olof

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    I played prison last 2 resets when Amethyst was Prison developer. and i still play it.
    Sivam has no life and i am sure if a lot of players agree with bringing back terrorist perks will change aXed mind as i told by Andrew and Miniom.
    thank you for cursing i guess :(
  8. Frxq15

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    How does Sivam have no life ? He literally made all his money from the shop. Your not even terrorist or tyrant so you literally have no idea how it feels when you spend so much on a rank and then the MAIN point of the rank gets removed. aXed isn’t gonna bring them back I guarantee.
  9. Olof

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    m8 2 resets ago sivam had 900m at p2 rank. (when u were Hitman only) he mined the shit out of p2 xd

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