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    Good afternoon, my name is Lukas for those who do not know me yet!

    I applied about 2-3 months ago as a moderator on this wonderful network!
    But what I didn't know at that time was that you need "forum posts" for an application.
    Now since about 2 weeks I am finishing my posts, but this becomes more and more difficult if some posts are deleted because of post farming, which I can not understand 100% because these posts were not farmed.
    I have only given my opinion on certain topics in detail.
    I hope that this will not happen again in the future and I wish everyone a wonderful day!

    With kind regards
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  2. Koco

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    Hello Crash123,

    To answer your question - this post can be counted as post farming, since this is a 'useless' post so you can increase your post count. You've been leaving comments on threads that are 3 months old or even older and in the rules it is stated that you can only bump threads only if the latest reply was 24 hours ago. Post farming also lowers the chances of becoming staff on the server, hope you understand what post farming is now.

    Have a nice day!
    Kind regards,
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  3. AspectOfficial

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    I'm not post farming im going step by step...
    Be slow and don't post a lot of posts and dont replay to a lot of comments in one day-week !
    I hope admins will delete this post what im writing now because i don't want to post farm on this perfect big and intresting server !
    I had 10 posts and i hope as soon as i can to apply for moderator,then my rank i hope be bigger and i hope to be Admin on this server :)
    I will go step by step and follow the rules,always be positive and never give negative comments for this server and staff :)
    I'm a postitive guy and i hope one day i will be Admin on this big intesting and perfect server !
    For admin i know a lot of commands,i know english with correct grammar :) If I become an admin, I promise to abide by all the decisions my colleagues make,i respect everyone's opinion and I promise not to break the rules,i will always be positive and when i finish all criteria i will applay for admin ! I hope i will be a part of this server as a staff.I will say again,i will be always positive and never be negative with someone,i will respect everyone's opinion and i will never break the rules :)
    I hope the owner will review this and help me to be a part of this server as a staff.
    Plese admins read before delete this posts..Please tell to the owner to review this request or comment to help me with being staff on this server.
    Plese don't delete before read(for admin and owner)
    Thanks a lot this server is the best and i will never leave ! :)
    Please do not type this is post farm because i really dont want to lose points on this positive things please owner review my request

    Thanks again(post by) : AspectOfficial
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