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Discussion in 'Introductions & Farewells' started by Shiatsu, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Shiatsu

    Shiatsu Journeyman Member

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    I cant do this anymore im sick with all the people in the server.

    Reason why i quit:

    -Many players are hacking yet not even a single staff is allowed to ban except for admins.

    -Players are greedy af doesnt wanna share their prizes

    -Server is dead sometimes.

    -Players dont give a shit about me and im always self centred.

    -In this server factions is always the first to be the one that resets while the others didnt have any changes etc Prison and Skyblock.

    -Not much challenges and opponents when competing ftop and seriously guys? A grace period yeah like hell that would make the server much more fun.

    -Using mods or any kind of hacks means the player is legit.

    -In this server when u die. You rage quit.

    -For godsake the rank in this server is lame and guess what you are not even allowed to have extra kits unless you payed more.

    -Basically a pay2win server and euros are easily earned.

    Complaint all you want guys.I dont care about the opinions of yours and all your stupid insults.

    Take note: i dont give a shit about ftop prizes dont bribe me to come online.Even if its a lie i dont freaking care.

    End of story

    Im quiting for real this time trust me if you ever see me online you can critisize me all you want.

    Heres a picture that will makes you laugh :).

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  2. Gunnu

    Gunnu Faithful Poster Member

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    Come on don't quit :'( .
    Gl with your life m8 . Will miss u.
  3. EvelLucifier

    EvelLucifier Grasshopper Member

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    GL in your life
  4. Recker

    Recker Nimble Knuckle Member

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    Are u high?
  5. AliDhieea

    AliDhieea Enthusiast Member

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    First you are right in some points, and in some points you are looking for attention so I would suggest that you have to find a gf/bf xD gl in life
  6. ItsMe_Awesomeninja1

    ItsMe_Awesomeninja1 Journeyman Member

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    Good Luck in your Life
    I hope you someday come on
  7. Swag_Fox

    Swag_Fox Epic Guildcrafter Member

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    Gl in life whoever u are !!
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  8. Olof

    Olof Ancient Poster Member

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    You just need to change your mindset on how you look at these stuff.
    just staph i bet u will come back like 99.99% of peeps quitted smh
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  9. Vurow

    Vurow Broken Admin

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    how dare you delete a shortcut of the minecraft launcher :(
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  10. SemBedrock

    SemBedrock Faithful Poster Member

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    You have literally never bought a spawner before, checked a wall nor patched it.
    The only thing you did is come online every 5 days and grind some blazes.
    You did not deserve ftop value. Please don't call people greedy when u don't know what ur talking about.
    Also, he expects me to upgrade him when he snakes for another faction the next reset.
  11. Shiatsu

    Shiatsu Journeyman Member

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    Facepalm . First up let me clear up all of your misunderstandings @SemBedrock

    I did checked all your walls.You just weren,t online to see my effort and i didn.t have discord in that time.Plus you were afk the whole time i came online.I told u to freaking invite me to a party but u just take it lightly and ignore my messages.

    The reason why i grind blazes and help you guys raid were just for the sake of spawners. I gaved all 64 blazes to panda dont believe me? ask Panda .We didnt even freaking place it because the server was down the whole time.You could blame Therez for that. Plus i was gonna place creepers to.You guys literally complained that theres no space in the base.And seriously i kept on dying in pvp without you guys helping me.I lost a bunch of p5 and p4 but i didnt even complained.And of course to be honest I used some of the money to upgrade my self to.Well sorry about That.

    Seriously please think before you freaking post something because it isnt fking logic isn,t that right?
    Dont tell me that i have been online the whole day clicking at your blazes the whole time.Theres one time that i helped to fkin fix walls to.You just didnt notice.Plus did you even realise that i am still considered new to your faction and it freaking takes forever to get millions.You literally made me waste my point of life.

    And seriously thats your stupid excuse? I only freaking ask for some money. You dont even have the freaking guts to give it to me.Its not like i was asking for 20 bucks from ya did I.

    I have many more fkin excuses but that will be just spamming this post I guess i will leave it until here.

    You really got my freaking nerves up I tell ya

    Ask you to upgrade me? Yeah i admit i did but I didn,t even spammed you or angry about it did i?

    Wellp to be honest I were going too serious about ftop rewards.I apologize for my anger and being such an idiot at that time.

    But still i am going to quit.Those excuses that i posted here were not for nothing it made me dissapointed of this server before its just that I was being patient and telling my self not to quit at that time .So yeah theres no point in me playing in this server anymore.

    I guess you are right I shouldn,t have joined regicide after reset thats stupid of me.I thought everything was gonna be fine later on but it looks like i was wrong

    Thats all i have to say.Nobody can change the past.What is done is done

    Besides i bet you wont even believe me from a single word i said but seriously its better than saying nothing.One more thing please be gentle to me my english isn,t as good as what you think.

    If you have nothing relevent to say dont even bother posting nonsense.Its annoying to have someone like that.
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