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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by forswornlad, Jan 7, 2018.

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    Been a while..

    Just checking in after another break, lots of new faces and very few old ones. It's coming up on almost my 6th year in the Guildcraft community, and it has definitely had its ups and downs. Here's some things that might spark some memory, of the good ol' GC



    PandasGang ;) my favorite

    Back when aXed WASN'T owner, or Co.

    Max player count: 3016!

    "Non-English speaking degenerates" (They actually increased the servers population by a lot, hmm)


    When annihilation just came out.

    FactionBlack (never good in the first place)

    Before the damn EULA that ruined Minecraft servers around the world.

    Feel free to mourn with me in the passing of the good old Guildcraft. Personally my 1st PC Minecraft server that I've grown up with.
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    WB i'm coenokken1 don't remember you clear but I know the times aXed was admin and alterego was owner golden times <3

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