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Discussion in 'PracticePVP' started by TigerStrike, Jan 9, 2019.

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    Today I want to adress on a special topic, which is the report system. As of now, the command to report is /report <UserName>, then the type of hacks.


    The purpose of this thread is to suggest a new report system for the reset, which is, in my opinion, extremely efficient. It's a bit more complex than our current report system, but far more useful. It works like this.
    The command is the same, /report <UserName>
    But then, a GUI is opened, with different icons, which resemble different type of hacks/chat violation. ( -> = resembles)
    After you click on the icon, a series of hacks/chat rules will be listed. Then, you click on the hack which you think the player is using, or on chat violation, if you think he broke the chat rules.
    Iron Sword -> Combat Hacks (AntiKB, KillAura, Aimbot etc.)
    Feather -> Movement Hacks (NoSlowdown, Fly, etc.)
    Paper -> Chat Violation (Swearing, Hackusating etc.)
    I don't think there are other categories, like building hacks, since this is a PVP server. The main types of hacks used are Combat and Movement.
    https://prnt.sc/m53lkz | http://prntscr.com/m53m47 | http://prntscr.com/m53ml3 | http://prntscr.com/m53mpl
    Now of course, this is just the report type. If there are more types of hacks used for pvp except Combat and Movement (can't really think of right now), they should be added too.
    After you finish the command, you'll be asked to post a youtube link where you've recorded the hacker/a screenshot of the player breaking the chat rules so the report actually validates.
    After you finish reporting, you'll be given this message:
    "Your report has been forwarded to one of our admins/mods, you will be notified with a response as soon as possible."
    When the player gets banned/muted, you'll also be notified with another message:
    "One of the players you have reported has been handled with accordingly. Thank you for reporting!"


    The admin, when he logs on, will do /reportlist
    That command will open up another GUI, with a series of reports.
    He clicks on a report, and then, on the youtube link pasted/the screenshot. After he watches the video and decides that the player is hacking, he bans. In the other case, if it's a chat rule broken, he mutes. /reportlist will also be available for mods, but only for chat rules.
    Nobody should be playing with hacks on the server, as it is completely unfair to others, especially in Ranked matches.


    Opinions are very much appreciated, but in my opinion this report system would be useful, as the number of hackers will decrease by a lot in the upcoming reset with the addition of this report system, and chat violators can be dealt with in an easier manner too.


    Thanks for taking your time to read this, and stay safe!
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    +1 <3
    I think this idea would be amazing to add as currently /h can be a bit troublesome for both players an admins. It's an issue for players as some don't really know how to use it and it could be an issue for admins as they can't really see old reports, this suggestion would literally fix both of these issues at once its just a must for practice.
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    Nice Job
    Will take longer to report someone but still. Nice job !!!
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    there is 0players of prac
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    Who's there to report on practice?
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    What community
  7. TigerStrike

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    Well, at the moment there aren't so many players, but there are days when we reach 30, which I know might sound a bit weird, but currently when we reach over 30 players it's very good, hence GuildCraft's current state. Gonna edit it, since you're right, practice as of now doesn't really have a united community, like factions or survival do, but I'm hoping in the future it might have one too.
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    Lots of people, trust me

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