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Discussion in 'SkyBlock' started by cednfjeyhfuerfw, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. cednfjeyhfuerfw

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    Guys who wants a reset, welp I do ive been seeing skyblock dying from the past reset to the next, i really love skyblock i just wish it wont die thats why I want a reset suggestion, makes the game more fun and enjoyable! :D
    Who agrees?
  2. Rafaal

    Rafaal Grasshopper Member

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    I think reset doesn't actually affect the server besides a new start since people can just join SB and make an island without harming the server. But I guess if you played SB for a long time you would get bored with the look of spawn and some features. I dont think I agree with reset. (Since I just started a big build in my is :3)

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