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    Hey @everyone,

    Well the time has finally come for me to resign and leave GuildCraft - for how long who will know? I guess only time will tell.

    This has been my second departure from GuildCraft, but I would rather focus on this side of my experience as Xephanez rather than camEeEeEeEla_cabeYOoOo

    I don’t know what I was thinking at the time for me to return but things escalated quickly. I got bored on Valentines and I could’ve been playing hundreds of games I have on my Steam but nope, I decided to jump straight back into GuildCraft and play from there.

    After a few weeks of playing consistently, due to my whole GuildCraft experience was being consistent of being staff, I wanted to re-apply and become a Moderator again - but I didn’t want to go down the same route as before - I wanted to carry on where I left and that started with EggWars. I reapplied near the end of February and parle resigned months prior, so when the 25th March came around and I received my acceptance mail, I thought it was a good birthday present. (haha kill me)

    Everyone has their own personal reasons to resign - I have mine. I simply just lost motivation and got bored of the game. All I ever wanted was to push a simple update for BedWars ever since I got Head-Admin back in March. I had everything sorted but unfortunately the task was not so simple on the development side. I have been waiting since the end of April to start working and giving the BedWars community the update they deserve.

    The update itself was my sole purpose of staying as staff. I planned to resign straight after once the update came as that was my promise. Seems like that is broken now.

    This November would’ve been marking my 3 Year Anniversary of joining the staff team - the first and probably last online staff team I’ll join. I spent and wasted 3 years of my life playing Minecraft and playing on this server. I’ve been through many struggles in that time and I really needed something to push me to make this thread official. I won’t say it here but if you would like to know, message me.

    Some mentions and tags for the people who truly meant a lot to me;​

    • @keeskaassouffle - My first proper actual friend on Guildcraft. First time we spoke was when Survival released its new /warp pvp in March back in 2018. We spoke in voicecall with evamike33 and a few others and I couldn’t stop laughing because that was the first time I actually enjoyed a Minecraft voice call. Shared so many memories, I miss you kees.​
    • @MangoCloud - honestly one of my best friends since the start. Love her to bits, absolute amazing girl.​
    • @Adro - I enjoyed our talks and even though a lot of players dislike you, you’re probably one of the other staff members on the team who I don’t despise. Stay safe Dro.​
    • @Frxq15 - I remember when I first met you on Creative. You were trying to find decent builders and I showed you my nether fortress parkour and you called it shit.​
    • @Koco - Probably the only other guy to show definite dedication to BedWars. Been such a long standing friend since I was camEEla, stay safe and keep BedWars thriving for me please.​

    Thank you GuildCraft.

    ~ xeph xo

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  2. YashP

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    Sad to see you go but only wish you the best for your future.
    Doesn't seem like it but hopefully we see you back here someday :)
  3. America_21

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  4. Frxq15

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    The memories :(

    You were a great head admin and did everything you could, your an amazing personal in general and our times on guildcraft will never be forgotten by me, thank you for everything babe.

    Ps I still remember the nether parkour lmao

    Love you x

  5. uryfgoifh

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  6. Fercruz13

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    I normally don't comment, but I feel you deserve an exception. :)

    Well, what can I say, Xephanez, Mel, Cam. You were, and still are a great person, and your contributions/dedication to the server have been far more than what it is expected, so thank you. You may feel that you wasted 3 years of your life on this server, and I'll be honest, it's partially true, but think about all the fun moments you've had and all those memories that will hopefully last you for years to come. Anyways, I think you're heading in the right direction now, but after all that's up to you. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope that you find success in your next step in life.

    All the best.

    ~ Fer
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  7. Elise1886

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    BaiBai MelMel

    Good luck in your future endeavors!
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  8. short1der

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    You were a great staff member! I know we didn't really talk, but the times we did were enjoyable. You really brought life to our staff meetings and took an active role; I appreciate that. When I first started as staff, you were someone I looked up to. I don't think you've wasted your time here; you've been super-helpful and brought positive experiences to many on this server.

    Thank you for contributing to make GuildCraft a better place, I hope for nothing but the best in your future.
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  9. Olof

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    Bye never come back
    unless you want to ofc
  10. Koco

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    Wish you the best of luck in your future, you were an amazing person and an amazing Head Admin. You tried your best to keep the server alive and help other people in the past few years, I really appreciated working with you, and thank you for everything you have done for me. I hope to see you on the EggWars or BedWars update once they are released.

    stay safe xo,
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  11. MoonmooN

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    waw I wasnt tagged? hurt btw. Anyways jokes aside, sad to see you go. One of "THE BEST" staff members on the server, and an actual good friend. I remember our bullshit topics on modchat and dang were those really fun and fucked up eksdee. Good luck and have fun in life maam mel. You know who to hit up for a slight laugh ;3
  12. xReveal

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    Was a blast being a staff along with you on eggwars. It was a great pleasure to work with you. Well, life is hella important and i understand that. You were really a great head-admin as well as a great person. Wish you best of luck regarding anything you're gonna do in the future. Stay safe!

    ~Kind regards,
  13. Fr0zennMC

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    oof :(
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  14. Angry945

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    One of the best staff members anyone could ask for.
    gg in life Xeph
  15. Swag_Fox

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    You were like a sister to me and always helped me out about in-game stuff and IRL related issues i went through as well <3

    Love you <3
  16. Gunnu

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    Why u do dis ;-; . I thought we were fraaands ......
    Have an Epic lyf :)

  17. KyocellHD

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    cyaa xeph, have a good life : )
  18. Jatinsingh

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    Goodbye , I know we never really talked a lot but I always admired you , you were always very passionate and excited about GuildCraft.
    Wish you all the Good luck in life.
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  19. ReturnBack

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    Wish you the best of luck, very skillful staff member with a kind gesture of handling
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  20. lavsss123

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