»S T O P unclaiming players claims BEFORE 28 days

Discussion in 'Survival' started by CMCONCEPTS, Nov 11, 2019.

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    CMCONCEPTS Quick Digit Member

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    My daughter (WilloQueen) just lost the baby she carried for 7 months.
    She spent a whole day going through birth to deliver a stillborn (dead) baby.

    Because of that, she was off GC for 23 days.
    When she got on today to make sure she did not lose her claim she logged in where she left and it was someone else claim (neides)

    As I was trying to figure out what happened and WHY, neides made it clear they claimed the WHOLE mushroom ISLAND.

    That would be no problem with the exception that WILLO claimed land there BEFORE neides even knew it was there.

    I had a sethome close by where I found squid spawned and as no one had squid due to the spawn rate being reduced in the game neides wanted to know if I would tp them there to look for squid, I did.
    Willo had already claimed there so I did not mind when neides ask if they could claim some of mushroom island, I said sure.
    After all why would WilloQueen take the whole island, she wanted others to have some also.

    Willo & I built a few shroom huts to blend in with the island and then found out her baby had no heartbeat and were dealing with the loss of her child so she had 2 empty chest and 2 chest with kits & building materials on her claim.

    She got on today (23 days since last log in) 11-10-19 to find everything gone and neides has taken the whole island.
    THE WORSE part is, in trying to resolve the issue neides called me a liar and said I did not want to reslove it because I like the drama.
    Excuse me, I am a 58 year old mom and drama is the last thing I need or want.
    I don't play Minecraft for drama!

    Iverstaylot00 came on during the issue as Doudddd was trying to help figure out what happened.
    Both have said they are going to speak to Jacky20 in regards to resolving the matter.

    We would not have this problem if staff would follow the 28 day rule players are to follow.

    neides claimed a few different reasons for taking the whole island.
    (None of which I believe are reasons to unclaim a claim BEFORE 28 days)

    #1 willo did not build anything, it was empty and it has to have something built or it can be unclaimed.
    FALSE as far as I know that rule was for SPAWN plots not out in the wild.
    YES she did have something built... I helped her build shroom huts to blend in.
    she also had 4 chest with stuff on her claim.

    Willo claimed and built 1st and neides only found it via my tp for them to get squid.

    #2 Willo was off over 28 days.
    FALSE I was on and did /seen and it had been 23 days and a few hours so I logged off went to get WilloQueen to log in and here we are.

    #3 neides said they claimed the whole island to keep players from griefing the mycelium.
    So while willo was kind sharing mushroom island, neides feels it is best for them to remove willo, her build, her claim and chest AND claim the whole island so no one else can use it.

    All the drama, hate and issues caused by not following a simple 28 day rule!

    THANK YOU Iverstaylot00 & Doudddd for trying to resolve this matter.
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  2. superboy12345 [Nub]

    superboy12345 [Nub] Forum Veteran Member

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    this is messed up, hope you get help.
  3. Bad7Leroy4Brown

    Bad7Leroy4Brown Faithful Poster Member

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    This is why I always, 100%, took a screenshot which showed my /dc along with the player's idle time in the same screen.
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  4. Reaper0503

    Reaper0503 Survival HA Staff Member HeadAdmin

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    I remember last reset, I was building and some randy claimed some land close to my border and never built. I was told by an admin the only way it can be unclaimed is by waiting the 28days. I can understand unclaiming for an expansion where the other claim was done recently but as you said that was done from day one. The Admin who unclaimed should have consulted with a higher up before breaking the 28 day rule.

    In my opinion the player should not be the one to blame though. The admin has a set of rules to follow and they are the ones accountable. We do not have privy to the details that surround the basic rules we know and as such can only rely on staff doing their job well.

    Condolences to you and willo as well CM.
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  5. Vurow

    Vurow Broken Admin

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    ur baby died and stuff and the thing ur worrying abut is minecraft claims? nice
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  6. Jacky20

    Jacky20 Survival | Head-Admin Member

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  7. Elise1886

    Elise1886 Quick Digit Member

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    So sorry about this. The admin that did this and me had a conversation and they realize that they were in the wrong by unclaiming your daughters claim. Sorry about this again and please message myself or jack if we can make this better for you or your daughter in any way.

    CMCONCEPTS Quick Digit Member

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    Have you ever thought playing the game might be a way to get through this for her?
    Taking her mind off the loss and maybe forgetting for a while will help her heal.
    You must be young and not understand human psyche.
  9. Vurow

    Vurow Broken Admin

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    obviously im young, u except me to be a 58 year woman with children playing minecraft? play the game to get through problems, thats fine, but why is ur survival plot ur biggest worry when you have such a bigger problem you're going through? its crazy how u start off ur rant with a tragic event that happened to ur daughter and then start claiming about minecraft plots? act ur age

    edit: im sorry if im going off harsh but thats just brutal and honestly sad, using your dead daughter as an excuse to get your claims back
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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  10. Develter

    Develter Member Member

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    Cant play the "have sympathy" card with me, I know it is wrong to unclaim under 28 days, BUT, I have no remorse for what you and your daughter are going through IRL, Maybe playing on this server might not be good for your daughter at this time getting over her baby's death, do something IRL to help with that. This is my opinion, please dont hate on me.
  11. Germanode

    Germanode Member Member

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    Develter, you are like 13 or something. Keep those fucking comments to yourself as you likely don't get it.

    As ex-Admin, I'd like to leave a comment
    First of all, condolences to you and your daughter!
    I think this situation was caused by a non-properly trained admin. When me and Dea were keeping an eye on the admin team, such shit never happened. Why is Jack not training them and just gives them basic instructions? It's basically what Fox mentioned in his post.
    Whole situation could easily be avoided if admins were trained properly.

  12. MiG_29_Fulcrum

    MiG_29_Fulcrum Grasshopper Member

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    You are a complete idiot if you think it was an admins fault; what kind of admin are you if you aren't familiar with the crybaby attitude 90% of GC complains have? Are you not aware how every single time a thread like this comes up the other side has an almost equal if not more claim to be correct?

    "ex-admin" yeah right lmao GC has had more admins than CMC's age in days
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  13. tpg01

    tpg01 Survival Lord Head Builder

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  14. FoxtrotCentauri

    FoxtrotCentauri Enthusiast Member

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    Half the comments in this thread are disgusting, then again, I would expect nothing less from a bunch of teenagers and young adults who have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives than frequent the forum of a game which they no longer play.

    Minecraft has something to attract people of all ages. On one hand, I am glad that some of the posters here have not gone through something as traumatic as losing a child or trauma of this magnitude. Perhaps one day you will, and you will realise that when something so profound, tragic and life changing happens, you go and look for places which brought you happiness and security, if not something to simply distract you from the torture that life has thrown at you.

    In fact, I'd wager most people above the age of 15 who still play on GC are here for sentimental reasons, or as escapism from their real lives.

    Grow the **** up, all of you.
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