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    Hello and welcome to one of my Ted Talks where I rant about unbalanced and overpowered kits and perks on Anni.

    Today's subject is the most iconic Annihilation kit that re-shaped it forever, the Scout kit.

    After playing countless games *3 games* while using that kit, I've encountered so many issues with this kit, and in this thread, I hope that I can address them and give a few suggestions on how to balance out this kid and make the game-play more playable for normies and newbies.

    <---=====--->Chapter I : Scout's characteristics and category.<---=====--->

    Scout is a kit to help a player move around quickly and swiftly, and to use the hook to trample the enemies and get a bit of advantage in a fight, therefore Scout is considered Movement class first then Combat second.

    <---=====--->Chapter II : Scout's current situation.<---=====--->

    Scout currently has many pros and very few cons, and in a perfect world, those should be balanced. Let's take a lot of Scout's pros and cons, but I will state all the pros from a maxed Scout.

    - No cool-down or durability upon using the Grappling Hook.
    - Permanent Speed I.
    - Dealing x1.5 damage to enemies upon grappling to them.
    - Slowness to enemies while using the hook.
    - No fall damage taken.

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    <---=====--->Chapter III: Suggestions.<---=====--->
    So, as I said before, Scout kit is more of a movement kit than a god kit, so I will focus here to balance out everything that I can, please give constructive criticism if you don't agree with me.

    - No cool-down or durability loss upon using the Grappling Hook.
    - Option 1: 2 Seconds cool-down upon grappling.
    - Option 2: Losing 4 durability upon grappling.

    - Permanent Speed I. (Good enough).

    - Dealing x1.5 damage to enemies upon grappling to them.
    - Option 1: Deal x1.25 damage to enemies upon grappling to them.

    - Slowness to enemies while using the hook.
    - Option 1: Reduce Slowness effect's duration up to 2 damage.

    - No fall damage taken.
    - Option 1: From 100% to only 25%
    <---=====--->Chapter IV: Complete Revamp.<---=====--->
    So let's say, I wanted to create a brand-new Scout kit, what kind of buffs and nerfs would I give it? Here is my version of scout kit that I want to see in Annihilation 3.0:


    dominate the land with your speed and reach places no others can. Use your grappling hook to reach far or higher places, and you can also use it to defeat your enemies.

    - Golden Sword.

    Effects and Special Perks:
    - Permanent Speed I with any armor, except if wearing two ore more diamond armor pieces than your speed buff is gone.
    - Permanent 25% Fall-Damage reduction.
    - Special Rod, Grappling Hook: Right click to move to places where you blob lands, also can be used to grapple to enemies to kill them faster or to slow them down (Slowness I for 2 seconds). Takes 4 durability on each use. regenerates +1 durability every second, killing an enemy will give it +2 durability.

    Upgrades, *Adding random buffs to a kit isn't a sufficient way of adding upgrades, improving a kit overall game-play is the way to balance it*:

    Upgrade I: Strong Strings:

    You lose 3 durability instead of 4 upon grappling.

    Upgrade II: Fast Traveler:
    You move 30% faster when you grapple, and you gain Speed II while holding your grappling hook.

    Upgrade III: Feather Landing.
    Your starter Boots will always be enchanted with Feather Falling III.

    Upgrade IV: Ultimate Traveler:
    Gain +6 Durability upon a kill.

    Upgrade V: Fletcher's Strings:
    Grappling to an enemy let's you deal 25% more damage to them for 3 seconds.

    - Upgrade VI: Scout's Legion:
    Enhance your abilities and perks, your grappling hook regenerates 50% faster and travels 100% faster when you are nearby another scout from the same team (5 blocks radios).
    <---=====--->The End.<---=====--->

    This is my take on the scout's kit, I really want Anni 3.0 to become popular, but we can't do that without nerfing scout and buffing other kits. Please give a valid reason and argument if you disagree with me, and let's change Anni 3.0 to a better place for everyone.
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    Imma be that guy and say that I'm not sure if they gon do anything about it
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    You dont deal extra damage after grappling anymore, you dont give slowness after grappling anymore, i agree with the fall damage nerf, i disagree with the durability nerf.
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    I was told it lies then bruh.

    Still, it's OP.

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