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Discussion in 'Report a player' started by FoxtrotCentauri, May 13, 2019.

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  1. FoxtrotCentauri

    FoxtrotCentauri Member Member

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    Server: Skyblock

    Name of offense: Inappropriate behaviour

    Name of offender: Satyrn_

    Date and time: Just now

    Evidence #1: https://i.imgur.com/qZKvJoc.png


    Evidence #2:

    YouTube URL:

    Description/Explaining: I am unable to open an appeal because the forum permissions are fucked up. Oh well.

    I am requesting an unmute because this admin had a serious lack of judgement (but it's okay my love, I forgive you).

    I wanted to complete the seedbank challenge as a new SB player, and was requesting seeds from our wonderful community. However unfortunately this individual thought my comments were inappropriate! wow!

    I was muted for one day, and although I am triggered, provided that I am unmuted, I am willing to forgive and forget as we move on in our minecraft careers.
  2. BearMeat

    BearMeat Admin Admin

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    Just so you know, it wasn't Satyrn_ 's decision to mute you, but our head admin was consulted prior to that.

    Also you chatted quite inappropriately.

    Your mute stays. Requesting lock.
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  3. FoxtrotCentauri

    FoxtrotCentauri Member Member

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    Hello @BearMeat

    Thank you for your response. Frankly, I am disgusted that you would check my core logs, as you can see from the image which you have provided, another player asked me an inappropriate question which I refused to answer because I know my limits! Your screenshot only works to demonstrate that I am a rule abider, not a rule breaker! =)

    Also, I said "nice bulge Jeremy" because @GoDsDaD is a 32 year old e-dad with a skin from borat, here's the image:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Let's be frank, that is a wonderful bulge. He's a staff member and did not find it inappropriate, and even if it was deemed inappropriate, what is more evil and disgusting, the comment, or the skin? WOW LOGIC!

    Further, if your head admin was consulted regarding the seedbank statement, I would expect a response from them justifying why they think it's inappropriate!

    As you can see in my screenshot from my first response, context matters! and perhaps the decisionmaker was not aware of the context!

    Thanks and I look forward to their response!

    much love xxx
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  4. DutchxFanaticZz

    DutchxFanaticZz Staff Moderator Staff Member HeadAdmin

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    the way u said it "collecting samples for my personal "seedbank"", makes it clear you ment this with something else in mind, and tbh the way u are making this unmute request only confirms this more.
    the "but it's okay my love, I forgive you" is again trying to push limits.
    to comment on what u said about godsdad, it is intirely up to him if he sees this as inappropriate and depends on the situation.

    in my opinion this intire unmute request makes u look like you are playing the victim and know fully what u did, the mute stays.
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