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Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by GhostSR, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Hey,it's me GhostSR and today i will give you some tips how to increase your island's level.
    1.Place around your island Iron Blocks,Gold Blocks,Diamond Block,Emerald blocks and Lapis blocks.
    2.Place only Natural Blocks what are created in natural way,like cobble stone from Ore Generator.
    3.Don't buy blocks from /shop ,it will only decrease your Island's level,
    4.More Animals, as soon as you have more natural animals,you can increase your island's level.
    5.As i said in 2nd Tip, also build Iron,Lapis,Gold,Diamond,Coal,Emerald Towers,easiest way is to build Lapis towers.
    6. Complete /challenges and place blocks on island what you got from /c
    Some Important things what you need to have on your island:
    1.Ore Generator,you can have redstone ore generators as well.
    2.You'll need a one Chest Room so you can place all in one place,not run from one island's corner to other corner.
    3.Beacon,of course you can have it or no,but it gives amazing powers forever,like Jump boost or Speed boost.
    4.Chest Shop,of course you'll need to start business to get some money,i more rather to sell OP things like,Sugar Cane or Lapis Lazuli.
    5.Sugar Cane Farm,Cactus farm,nether wracks and e.t.c You can have Auto farms as well.

    I might missed some tips what i don't remember,but that's Okay,i think :V
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    Nice tutorial! This will be helpful for new players :)
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    Thanks. :3

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