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By Jayy on Aug 14, 2019 at 1:18 AM
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    Date: To be announced

    The following changes have been made:
    • The ban manager will now show you the time remaining for a mute when you send a message, grammar was fixed as well.
    • New waiting lobbies have been built (Special thanks to: @JadePlaysServers)
    • Old kits, old maps, old arrow trails and old cages will be returning from SkyWars 2.0 (I'll make sure Atlantic returns FeelsBirthdayMan)
    • NEW
      • Brand new tour guide system (The minion NPC)
      • You must complete the tour before obtaining access to the game portals and games.
    • Optimized shop (Viewing speed of the shop has been increased dramatically)
    • Game portals have been added. Mainly for the lazy people who enjoy simplicity, simply jump into a hole in the ground to join a game :D
    • NEW
      • For the first time ever, voting is enabled! Rewards can be found below:
        • 100 coins
        • 150 xp
        • 1 vote crate key
    • NEW
      • SkyWars now has a chat manager, after dealing with the built in one that was hard to work with. We removed it from the SkyWars plugin and decided to use something else :D
    • NEW
      • A custom-built voting system has been added into SkyWars with similar functionality from the SkyWars 2.0 one. Explanation of the system will be explained below:
      • Everyone, ranked user or not receives access to this.
      • Chest Types:
        • OP: Over-powered items, diamond gear, enderpearls and more!
        • Normal: The current system on the old SkyWars 3.0
        • HardCore: The old system for basic games on SkyWars 2.0 :D
      • Weather
      • Time of day
    • NEW
      • Changed the way the shop for cages, kits and trails work
        • Cages: You must be level 3 to obtain access to the shop.
        • Kits: You must be level 7 to access this shop.
        • Arrow Trails: You must be level 10 to access this shop.
    • Further updates will be added onto this list later. PepoThink
    Special Thanks to the following:
    @Xeph - Creating the image for this thread & the event thread (coming soon :D)
    @rewardedcarton - Developing this update and dealing with my countless complaints
    @Cpt_Thunderholo - Being a person who allowed me to become an admin and help create and organize this.
    @Elise1886 - Being the content manager I can rely on for suggestions and ideas along with help!
    @plats - Reminding me of old kits, map names and more.
    @TheRealDoctor - Planning this update and having hope for an amazing reset.
    There were too many people to mention in this section, but I want to thank everyone for being a major help with planning, giving feedback and testing this update! Without you, none of this would be possible!


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jayy, Aug 14, 2019.

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