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By Jayy on Aug 14, 2019 at 1:18 AM
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    Date: To be announced

    The following changes have been made:
    • The ban manager will now show you the time remaining for a mute when you send a message, grammar was fixed as well.
    • New waiting lobbies have been built (Special thanks to: @JadePlaysServers)
    • Old kits, old maps, old arrow trails and old cages will be returning from SkyWars 2.0 (I'll make sure Atlantic returns FeelsBirthdayMan)
    • NEW
      • Brand new tour guide system (The minion NPC)
      • You must complete the tour before obtaining access to the game portals and games.
    • Optimized shop (Viewing speed of the shop has been increased dramatically)
    • Game portals have been added. Mainly for the lazy people who enjoy simplicity, simply jump into a hole in the ground to join a game :D
    • NEW
      • For the first time ever, voting is enabled! Rewards can be found below:
        • 100 coins
        • 150 xp
        • 1 vote crate key
    • NEW
      • SkyWars now has a chat manager, after dealing with the built in one that was hard to work with. We removed it from the SkyWars plugin and decided to use something else :D
    • NEW
      • A custom-built voting system has been added into SkyWars with similar functionality from the SkyWars 2.0 one. Explanation of the system will be explained below:
      • Everyone, ranked user or not receives access to this.
      • Chest Types:
        • OP: Over-powered items, diamond gear, enderpearls and more!
        • Normal: The current system on the old SkyWars 3.0
        • HardCore: The old system for basic games on SkyWars 2.0 :D
      • Weather
      • Time of day
    • NEW
      • Changed the way the shop for cages, kits and trails work
        • Cages: You must be level 3 to obtain access to the shop.
        • Kits: You must be level 7 to access this shop.
        • Arrow Trails: You must be level 10 to access this shop.
    • Further updates will be added onto this list later. PepoThink
    Special Thanks to the following:
    @Xeph - Creating the image for this thread & the event thread (coming soon :D)
    @rewardedcarton - Developing this update and dealing with my countless complaints
    @Cpt_Thunderholo - Being a person who allowed me to become an admin and help create and organize this.
    @Elise1886 - Being the content manager I can rely on for suggestions and ideas along with help!
    @plats - Reminding me of old kits, map names and more.
    @TheRealDoctor - Planning this update and having hope for an amazing reset.
    There were too many people to mention in this section, but I want to thank everyone for being a major help with planning, giving feedback and testing this update! Without you, none of this would be possible!


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jayy, Aug 14, 2019.

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      sw = gud
      ew = great
      ew + sw = best
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      Hi!!! So I was really hoping if you guys would consider bringing back Older skywars maps from 2014-2015. I've been playing on this server since then and so many players from around the world would join (60+ for each map lobby) and i missed so much. So many of us miss is SO much and I was saddened to know that they didnt bring it back this time. Please consider it since it was removed in 2016 Ive seent countless messages to the Owner. The maps were (as i remember) Haunted, Clouds, Dream, Firetemple, A winter map I forgot the name of, Cake Map, and there was a map that uses the Islands that is used for sky block when first starting out (like a small L). I dont want to cause trouble and say this update was not good i agree that it is but I feel that guildcraft Dolan be so much more with these maps implement ed back. I honestly dont know why it was removed in the first placePlease consider it❤
    4. Jayy

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      I'm not sure how far back the maps we have date, but we definitely have old maps returning a couple that I know of for sure are: Atlantic & Pagoda. If the older maps aren't added (fire temple, etc) I'll see if they still exist. If so, I'll definitely get them added back!
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      Finally a good server with a good skywars
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