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Discussion in 'Help related questions' started by zixmc03, Dec 7, 2017.

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  1. zixmc03

    zixmc03 Member Member

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    There's this issue where everytime i break stacked spawners with silk touch pick, I don't get them back they just go missing. This happened to quite alot of people recently and a few times to me. Please fix this.
  2. Sherif

    Sherif Forum Master Member

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    Please use the correct section :

    And using the correct format :

    What type of bug:
    Arena (If possible):
    Date and time:
    Visual information(If possible):

    We might not be able to use your report without this format!

    Type of bug:
    Tell us what type of bug you're reporting. Examples are: Lag, No permission, Lost items, Error, Cannot connect etc etc.

    Name the server, examples are: Factions. Survival etc etc.

    If possible name the arena, examples are: SG-Arena12, Anni-02 etc etc.

    Date and Time:
    It will greatly help us out if you could provide us with the date and time.

    Visual information:
    If would be great if you could provide us with screenshots or video's. This will help us re-create the bug.

    Using this format will help us sort out the bug and find a fix for it so please use it.
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