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Is Skyblock Nerfing things too often?

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  2. No

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  4. Yes but it is ok

  5. No but don't nerf things in the future.

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    What? - Skyblock has been an amazing community and this server has done a great job. However, admins have been doing too much to control the economy and island growth. Iv'e only played for a few weeks but here is a list of what they have debuffed or make irrelevant.

    -vines for island level
    -EXP prices
    -EXP marriage bonus.

    I have also noticed that they have recently disabled tnt, wither generators, and more.

    They also said that the server isn't pay to win and although it isn't as of now, it can be very close and very soon.

    DrizzyAmerica, America_21, and muisgamerNL are the three main players that spend money on this game and DrizzyAmerica is very new. However, he is one of the richest skyblock players while owning a Vindicator and Iron Golem Spawner on day 2. Most players on day 2 are trying to build a decent cobble gen and food farm so they don't starve.

    I understand that you have to make these crates and ranks good to keep the server afloat but if you are debuffing things all the time, it only helps players who can spend money because non paying members can't use any advanced farms or methods to compete. For example, I used the vine farm beacuse my island was going to island level top and this was one of only things left that this server did not nerf for island level. Now, I started the basics on the 1st day it was announced and the 2nd day, we started. On the 2nd day of this project, they decided that it was going to be nerfed.

    Another thing I tried was the marriage EXP boost. I got together me and another player and we put togetether a farm in around 10 minutes. Five minutes later, Aevox did a server announcement that Mariage EXP boosts are now disabled.

    This really just hits players like me hard because I spend a lot of time creating new farms in all servers. Here are a few.
    - Flying tnt dropper.
    Function: Create a flying machine at max height near a faction base. Add my special function as it flys, it drops tnt every block. You can also use lava 1st is take out water defences. This machine I made a year ago or so.
    - Cow Killer - Anti Drop Burn
    Function: Drops a cow at a height that it will contain only 4 hitpoints. Dispenses lava every 15-30 seconds extremely fast(3-4 ticks) so cows are only set aflame and die extremely fast after lava disappears. Probably already made a while ago but I didn't use YT or anything. 100% mine. Made about 1 1/2 years ago

    And here is a 100% prototype that I haven't found anywhere else.
    Vindicator or Blaze automatic farm - (NO HITTING - 100% AFK - Drops Blaze Rods/emeralds and EXP)
    This was a farm that I was about to release to Muis but got banned because my friend and I share the same ip. For 30 days and I can't find out how to disable that. :/

    Anyways, the point is is that I am an inventor and if Guildcraft keeps nerfing them, I can no longer compete even though this job is the hardest to do, maintain and require extreme background knowledge in the game of MC. You have to be good at building for looks, redstone, building for efficiency, spawner knowledge, basic commands and their advanced modifcations and more.

    What Guildcraft has done is make it that there is close to no actual best way to make money unless you get the vindicator, iron golem or guardian spawners which only ranked members can buy and non-paid members can't access without help from them.

    All i'm asking is to stop nerfing things so often because although it keeps the economy balanced, it is bad for player moral. When exp got nerfed and marriage, in around 5 minutes, there were 3 divorces in chat and people complained a lot about exp while old players said it is normal and not to be disappointed.

    If you agree with this or not, I am willing to look at even compromises like delayed nerfs, holding them off till next season or even at least explaining why it happened in the ChangeBot. If I had at least an explamation why vine farms got nerfed when a special island can place iron blocks nonstop for hours at a time, I will be content.

    Thank you for reading and I hope we can come up with a solution.
  2. Hero CharBro

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    Beacuse marry exp boost abuse, you know what. they doing farm like /bottle then threw yourself bam You got dobule exp. it's abuse.

    but i dont have choice list other

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