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Discussion in 'SkyBlock' started by Ultramutrix, Dec 12, 2019.


Do you think tokens should be more valuable?

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  1. Ultramutrix

    Ultramutrix Member Member

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    For next reset, tokens should get more valuable, voting should not give 5 tokens.

    Legend rank gives 400 tokens, and someone can get up to 20 tokens daily, so 20 days of voting is enough to get what a payable rank as legend gives.

    1 token per vote should be good, or it can be removed, time ago tokens were really rare, and items like God Pickaxe were not as easy to get as voting 1 day.

    Also it make an inflation problem, cause makes devaluate money. there is people with more than 171 millon$, and prices are still low compared to this amount of economic resources,

    In my own experience I was able to get more than 1 thousand tokens (not counting my rank ones) In less than 15 hours of playtime. So that means I was able to get more than the double of my rank-gived tokens in less than a day. This are 5 blaze spawners. I just dont find it fair.

    Each token sells for 5k-8k thats from 2Millon$ to 3,2Millon$ for my 400 rank tokens, so if there is people with 171M$ is it fair for someone who paid real money in this server to get 2-3 millon for them?

    I know baltop got their currency by farms and other income resources, but, still see really unfair how tokens are being used.

    Anyways is my opinion I would like to listen to others.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. tbi

    tbi Quick Digit Member

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    I was literally just talking about some of these issues 3.5 hrs ago lolol

    id even postulated a solution very similar in respect to what has been done in survival.

    in survivals case it has a 2 billion dollar eco already, but that money is useless unless your going to buy the expensive items at /warp shop.(people exploited mcmmo and sold nether warts too /warp shop which should have never been a thing in the first place)

    in survival there has been no hyper inflation, tho...

    as there is a benefit too ensuring lower ranked players have the needed resources and farm access to produce goods and services for the game mode as a whole.
    (alot of us players have been carefully manipulating the economy since reset to prevent issues... after all whats the point of having 100 mill if you cant spend it anywhere right?)

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  3. Ultramutrix

    Ultramutrix Member Member

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    That was a great input, thanks tbi!
  4. _Asuna_Weeb_

    _Asuna_Weeb_ Grasshopper Member

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    Well actually Tokens are worth for some stuff you can't get them really easy anymore right now because 400 tokens can be sold for 3M already these days so the game has been changed alot. i don't really know if you still get tokens from opening crates but you don't get that much anymore.

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