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    Hello there,

    I am writing this thread to give ideas to the staff for the new Prison!
    1)First of all, I suggest you to bring back the old bosses like old(I know the bosses spawn every Friday at 8 PM) for example add them in the mine areas, it will bring back more people. In my opinion some people can't play at that time because of time zone or personal things which can't give them access to be online at 8 PM every Friday.
    2) I suggest you to add one more PvP mine area because this PvPmine doesn't have a good size for "combos" (make it big as old).
    3) Secondly add more prestiges (As I know you are working on it right now).
    4) I suggest you to bring back the old ./ah because everyone is going to use it recently now. Every person says "I need T5 if you sell it msg me", I think that you removed it because we didn't use it but we were 8 people online recently we are 20-30 now!
    5) I suggest you to move the PvPMine sign somewhere because when the mine resets they are afraid to sell there(a lot of people kill the weak people to get their ores)

    That's all, please write back soon!
    @anubis9433 @WitheredToast @xph11 @Frxq15
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