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Discussion in 'Prison' started by GIORGAKISHAah, Apr 11, 2020.

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    Hello there it's me GIO and I am back to write something very interesting about the reset which is going to give you too many ideas.I wrote the same things on the prison discord server but the #suggestions channel has been deleted so I decided to write it back here.
    - I suggest you to make the workshop behind of the /warp pvpmine again like old good days!
    - Also make the PvPmineclose opposite of the pvpmine!
    - And something else make the situation of rich harder like old.We can be rich very easy on this reset.You had to pay 1/2mil to rankup from rank Z to rank FREE...In my opinion you should make it like old.
    - I think that no-one like the /warp Nether so I suggest you to remove it. I don't find people there like rare/never, they might don't like it...
    - Please make /plot auto and /cell auto because new people can't find one very easy.
    - Please add the old cosmetics
    - Please give access for /warp smuggler command again and add warps for each legacy rank like, /warp thief, /warp thug, /warp gangster, etc. I suggest you to make shops there for armors, swords, etc.
    - Move the heads of the staff from there to spawn, so people can informed about the staff members better.
    - Move the rules from there to spawn.
    - Add a delay on every warp command like old [3 seconds (each) and 5 seconds for /spawn]

    (I added some more details to inform you better about my suggestions)!
    That's all,
    Thanks for reading
    - GIO
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  2. GomminaHD

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    legacy mines shouldn't be added, imagine being terrorist, that would be just too overpowered.
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  3. jtherip636

    jtherip636 Member Member

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    I agree, donating to the server isn't bad and all but when it comes to privilage all ranks alr have different privilage and adding mines gives it a whole new level of disadvantage to normal players. Besides, we have Prestige mines.
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