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Discussion in 'SkyBlock' started by Sei5Gamer, Oct 18, 2018.

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  1. Sei5Gamer

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    Since skyblock is dead now and i think it will reset soon
    here some suggestions for the new skyblock
    1. Ore Generators
    I think ore generators are too op and they make some players islands have tons of levels and they kill the challenge (Top island challenge) between players! so they must be removed

    2. /Challenges
    Challenges in skyblock is very boring because it always the same challenges for every skyblock and the same reward so i think you guys should update it or remove it and add quests system like 4 daily random quests and 2 weekly quests and 1 monthly quest and for every challenge different reward like for daily quest (money and xp and crate keys) weekly (diamond blocks and enchant tools) for monthly (spawner and nether stars) you get the idea

    3. Nether
    This nether suck i don't like the spawners that spawn in the island or how it look i think we should have a normal nether was plots system that can be rent and maybe just maybe add boss area in nether!
    like there will be a boss that player can buy form guildcraft shop lets say the egg cost 5euro
    but you get rare loots form the boss like fortune 4 pick and you only can spawn the boss egg in boss area
    and every player can join and top5 players who do the most damage get rewards and the player who spawn it get reward too!

    End! monthly Dragon Event! every month admin respawn the dragon and players fight for his egg! and maybe some other reward like eyltra

    5. Supply Drops
    I hope you guys add supply drops in pvp like survival server

    6. Add Spawners Shop!
    Add Spawners in shop so every players can get them

    7. Titan Egging Power
    I think players who have titan rank should have that power when you throw an egg on a cow it will turn to cow spawn egg like survival too!
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    already commented on this in the newsletter, so im locking this since you already re-posted it there

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