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Discussion in 'Report a player' started by MobileGamer, Jun 11, 2019.

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  1. MobileGamer

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    Server: Survival

    Name of offense: Muting Without Opinion and making fun of religion

    Name of offender: AllahisGay , Cynthetic , Threshy

    Date and time: 11:00 6/10/2019

    Evidence #1: http://imgur.com/upload

    Evidence #2: http://imgur.com/upload

    YouTube URL: http://imgur.com/upload

    Description/Explaining: To Admin,
    i met a person named AllahisGay as i m muslim and Allah is my god name i got offended and told him to change his name but he didnt and i sweared also on which
    Lord_kaishon muted me but he didnt listened my opinion and also Cynthetic jumped in between for no reason and everyone was teasing me . I have ss but idk the website is not working can u tell me other website for that purepose
    Till then bye
  2. Germanode

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    the person with an offensive name has already been permanently banned.

    Regarding Cynthetic and Threshy, I need a screenshot. You might wanna double check your link. @MobileGamer

    Best Regards
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    Dealt with over Discord.

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