»(survival) why my ironfarm doesnt work?

Discussion in 'Help related questions' started by _lonelyWolf, Aug 1, 2020.

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    UPDATE 2-8-2020: I'm rewriting my post now, see below

    My farm works now but still questions remain.

    How exactly is the size and borders of a 'village' defined?
    How far can I be from the village and from the zombie that the farm still works? I am asking this for guildcraft specifically, because I know it is less than in singleplayer
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    Hey _lonelywolf ,
    if you have problem with iron farm, you can come and check mine and maybe copy it. It is different design and smaller one,but if you build few more of them,they should work and make enough iron for you.

    Message me when you see me ingame,you are more than welcome :D

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