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Discussion in 'Prison' started by kulrv, Nov 1, 2018.

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    Hi again.
    I promised you I'll make another post for those who do not play Annihilation.

    This time, I want to talk about an idea that involves a mode that has crates and purchaseable keys.
    Of course - it is Prison.
    Now, I really do not know how many people are still playing prison but, I think my idea will drive more players to play Prison on GuildCraft.

    My idea is:
    Make an aXed crate!
    aXed crate's loot is pretty decent and if you get lucky you can get pretty OP stuff!
    The odds are:
    26% (I chose the number 26 because it's aXed's age.) chance of winning something OP or at least valuable such as a nice pickaxe, armour, etc.
    And 74% chance of winning something decent, such as money, etc.
    I'll let you choose the rewards and the cost of the aXed's key (Yes, you can purchase it for in-game money. That also blends well because aXed had just recently posted a post about Prison reset.

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  2. Frxq15

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    Lol as aXed has already seen this I can guess his opinion
  3. ShadeyPvP

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    I don't see this is gonna happen.

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