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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by BlueJay, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. BlueJay

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    So since this is probably one of my last posts, but just want to address a few things.
    One of them being the lack of progress, a lot of things being done right now seems to be a "move of last resort" [White Collar reference].

    A lot of the servers are dead, or dying, and like the past, I as well as others would request that you [Axed] make the smart choice and look at the logic behind hosting servers with a solid 10-40 player community. Personally I think financially you should cut your losses or cut your profits in this case and invest the money into regenerating a smarter better server, which focuses more on the newer sides of Minecraft other than the ancient side like Annihilation, OP Prison, Skygrid, Kit PvP.

    All of these servers were great, but thats what it is: they WERE and no longer are, current times call for more dramatic and action packed servers like HCF, and minigames with a higher more involved player base.

    Now of course you shouldn't take advice from a random dude on the internet, but my advice use the money you'd save from hosting servers like skygrid and kitpvp [if they're even costing you, save yourself the RAM and memory] and focus more on integrating parts of them like kitpvp into Practicepvp, while also releasing new updated versions of all games, though this is alot to ask for theres a lot of overlap and I'm sure you know that but for other people here's why it pays to have good mechanics:

    Hit detection patches / updates you should enforce on practicepvp would greatly increase the players wanting to pvp on there [if you can somehow make it to the likes of velt or badlion] you'd be at a great advantage when looking at the cracked server scene where few practice servers can maintain a lag free zone.

    If you can replicate the same hit detection across all servers you'd be in a much better position to add actual updates instead of fixes to the servers... theres a huge difference between adding updates and simply fixing what should've already been good in the first place.


    Save yourself the trouble of having the dead servers and their resets, I'm sure factions and survival could've been released much earlier if you entrusted your staff mainly the Head Admins to make proper changes, and though there is a security issue associated with that, there is nothing wrong in allowed head admins to code / create prototypes to have the server give feedback on. Theres a large gap between the communication between head admins / normal admins [ which are actively talking to the community ] and yourself [Axed] as has been noted by several admins that there is no clear line between what will and won't happen, thus disengaging the community to a point where its dying.

    If you want progress you have to be willing to give people you entrust with head admin the ability to actually make "their server" the best it can be, and that would start with all the extra "hands" you'd have by entrusting more people to give feedback, collaborate, and even code their own plugins [for you smarty admins] all of which is possible with more trust and better communication between every group [players, staff, and yourself]

    Please consider better communicating with everyone in the future [even if you're busy let us know] and cutting loose ends from the server [the smaller inactive servers] [they hold back rolling in updates to the bigger servers]

    Hope you actually read that
    - The random dude that gives decent advice

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  2. Venzyyy

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    wow i really agree about that
  3. Gunnu

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    One of the Best suggestion till date aXed i hope you are watching thins
  4. HonLour

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    Can't agree more. Gc needs to either get active on updates/resets , shift on being a more of mini-game type of server or it will lose more players and probably end sooner or later.
  5. ngyuyang

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    These ideas are actually quite nice. Hopefully some of them get implemented.

    "Ancient side of minecraft" "Annihilation"
    Also why did you change fonts mid thread
    Someone's been playing too much practicepvp
  6. aXed

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    Good read, you opened my eyes on some points. Cost isn't an issue tho I don't pay for the servers but for the rack space hosting less wouldn't change the costs.
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  7. Richard James

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    Why not get a better host for a smaller player base lul?
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  8. Olof

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    For the long time, aXed actually replied on an important thing.
    We need more of these kind of communication.
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  9. Gunnu

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    You know axed actually Acknowledged your post and i am happy about it keep on trying to make this type of post and please dont make this your Last post We will be waiting for more posts @BlueJay
  10. Frxq15

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    if kitpvp was ever removed I would chargeback
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    frxq + manager = GC op
  11. HenryrocksMC

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    Annihilation could be one of the servers that makes gc more atttractive. And i wouldn't say It's "ancient".

    Good points +1.
  12. ItsDxstyy-

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    Finally some good feedback that tells the truth with some good points to solve it! :D
  13. ThnxM8

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    Please fix the kicking bug as I always get kicked when I join anni and I get kicked a lot while playing PracticePvP even tho im always on CB :(
  14. Joshua2001

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