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  1. candr

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    Hello people of the forums, I'd like to report a tp-killer amongst us :confused:

    Name of offender: oscarx104

    Name of offense: Tp-kill (The guy said he has a great iron deal for me so I accepted the tp. It teleported me to PVP and I got killed and lost my things. I later remembered people already warned him about tp-kill being against the rules so It's not his first time doing this. I asked him to return my things and he refused) :mad:

    Server: Skyblock

    Date and time: 19.jan.2016 - 0:37 (most probably 1 or 2 minutes earlier)

    Evidence: Didn't have the time to take a screenshot. Sorry :(

    Have a nice day :D
  2. UchihaSamy

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    We require at least a screenshot to take action.We are sorry that we can't do anything if you do not provide proper evidence.Contact me in game if anything happens.

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