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Discussion in 'Survival' started by GAMERWANNABE1, Jul 28, 2020.


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    So basically in survival if you have a spawner crate you have a chance to get a vindicator spawner, and i managed to get one. Though I've tried many ways of automating the process and none work due to the fact that vindicators don't drop anything unless killed by a player. I am saying that these spawners are basically useless if the process of farming the vindicators cannot be automated and I have seen many youtube videos on youtube in skyblock servers that show people farming vindicators and killing them with lava and still getting the drops, so I was thinking that maybe there is a plugin that can make that happen and if possible it would be nice of you guys to add it. Thanks for spending your time reading this post.
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    I do actually agree with you post. If there is vindicator spawn, there should also be a way to make
    efficient auto-farm without killing mobs.
    Maybe they will take your request into consideration or we will need to improvise at this point.

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