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Discussion in 'Prison' started by PowerOfMe, Apr 27, 2020.

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    Hiiiiiii, so I was thinking about making a new warp called warp end.
    so when u get in the warp u gonna see the portal to end but the portal is empty meaning there no eye of ender
    to open the portal you need to pass some quests, the quests gonna be hard to do, one quest can be "kill 500 endermans" and another one can be "mine 10,000 obsidian"
    that's just some ideas but anyway when u complete the quests and gather all the eye of ender u can get in the end
    when u get in the end you gonna be fighting the ender dragon
    when the ender dragon have been killed u would get randomized loot
    the loot can be shit or maybe PvP stuff (it can be anything u maybe can think of)
    ofc u could not enter the end and fight the dragon every day and when u want
    you would be able to fight the dragon every week/2 weeks
    ofc u would need a team for this fight, I think gathering a gang of 5 people to fight the dragon will be awesome fighting a dragon with your friends will be damn cool!!
    the end will make players want to grind and play the game more and maybe people that have quited prison will come back because of those stuff.
  2. PowerOfMe

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    what do you mean what's my point
    my point is being able to fight an ender dragon and get loot is that hard to understand?
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    The end wont be enabled.


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