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Discussion in 'Prison' started by PowerOfMe, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. PowerOfMe

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    Hello Sup And Hello Again, So what if there was a warp called "Warp PvEMine" I was thinking about adding a mine filled with mobs that can have armor and sword/axes.
    In the mine there gonna be more viable ores/blocks that worth more money.
    here is a example: in "Warp PvPMine" there is a % of diamond blocks that can spawn in there
    but in "Warp PvEMine" there is gonna be double the % of the diamond blocks that spawn in "Warp PvPMine".
    the mobs can have good armor maybe some of them can have full p4 set and sharp 5 sword and some of them will have p2 set and sharp 3 sword etc...
  2. TaKaTa

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    Hey ! , good idea you should tell it to frxq15 and maybe he will add it to the reset .
    I wish the next reset will be good like the last one :).
    Frxq15 working lot of time on the reset , I think its will be good reset and we will have fun !
    TaKaTa .

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