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    Hello this is TheLivingArt and this will be an informative guide on the recommended steps if you want to do something in Annihilation. This applies to all Kits (exceptions will be noted), if you have any questions, if I missed anything or made a mistake, let me know. (Note this is based off my experience in playing Annihilation)


    1. Always ALWAYS have at least 1 person with you at all times when leaving your base.
    Ever herd of strength in numbers? Well in annihilation this rule applies in a lot of situations whether offensive or defensive and unless you are just scouting and are okay with dying, I don't recommend that you go alone.
    If you're a Scorpio then you might want to have more than 2 people helping you kill a person because chances are he may overpower you if his gear is better than yours. A bunch of iron swords can overwhelm a person with 1 full diamond kit.​
    2. Co-ordinate and organize
    This game is about teamwork, so work together. I recommend assigning roles to team members to increase efficiency. Some can gather resources, maybe some can secure a route to the enemy nexus, and maybe a few can stay and defend the nexus.​
    3. Complete objectives if possible
    Objectives grant you another way to get huge amounts of experience points in a short amount of time and, the more faster you get XP, the faster you will be able to purchase kits that will enhance your play style.​
    4. Never underestimate the power of gold
    Golden tools (most notably pickaxes) despite their poor durability, they actually have a faster mining speed than diamond tools. So grab your Efficiency enchantment and invest it on that golden pick because with efficiency, its already superior mining speed would dramatically increase. I would advice that you save your golden pickaxes for the enemy nexus as golden tools break quite easily! (Don't make swords or armor using gold though, iron armor is far more durable and it provides more protection and in addition to that, iron swords both outlast and out power golden ones).​

    1. Forgetting to Crouch
    Crouching may be a bit inconvenient at times but it can help when being stealthy. I just want to point out that you and the other team can see each other's usernames and crouching actually hides it. So if you don't have an invis pot, I recommend that you press shift to conceal your presence. (Tip: pressing sneak prevents you from falling off blocks, its useful if you are at the edge of the map and you don't want to accidentally fall off).​
    2. Keeping items to yourself
    If you are selfish, you may hinder your team. If you have stacks of spare iron, try to make tools and armor out of them and provide them to your teammates so that they dont have to go through the long process of finding and smelting iron with a measly wooden pick.​
    3. Forgetting to store backup items in the chest/ender chest
    If you have ever died in annihilation, you would know that you lose all your items, and because you didn't store your backup stone pickaxe in your chest, then you'd be sitting in envy while everyone has full iron tools.​
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    haha lol
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    Do: Join CyberHazard's team

    Don't: Defend because nobody ever does that anyways
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    man i learned so much out of this i might give it a try im noob in anni
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    Alright then good luck on your game.
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    u do not get killed
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    good luck on mod

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